6 habits and behaviors of underestimated people

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People who underestimate themselves: what do they have in common?

Are you one of those underrated people? You might not be, but you probably know a member of your family or circle of friends who is underappreciated. We live in a competitive environment where we are very prone to underestimate others, but this problem can also affect a person’s opinion of themselves.

There are a lot of people who tend to have a bad opinion of themselves, and this is a problem that limits them in their personal and professional life. The causes of underestimation are quite specific: lack of self-confidence, insecurity, complexes

In today’s article we will discover the behavioral and psychological keys of underrated people.. If you think you have a problem similar to the one we are describing, it will be a good idea to get down to work to improve this important aspect of your psychological health.

1. You are too modest

Are you too humble? Modesty is a common thread among people who underestimate themselves. This does not mean that all modest people are underestimated, but it is very common for insecure people to respond to a compliment with “there is nothing like it”.

In this case, the best advice is to be liked by others. Accepting flattery and praise is a good way to connect with another person. Humility is a virtue, but you should also be aware of your strengths. One thing does not take anything away from the other.

2. You place too much importance on the opinions of others

People who are not valued enough often make constant references to the opinions of others. Examples of this: “My boyfriend says that …”, “My boss always tells me …”. This, although a priori not a bad thing, denotes a certain insecurity in itself, and therefore these people seek to reaffirm themselves in what they believe based on the opinion and positions of authority figures.

Always speaking in accordance with what others have said before is a sign of vulnerability and insecurity in yourself. Your opinions are yours and you should speak up.

3. Always prioritize the well-being of others

People who always think about the well-being of others are often seen as kind and selfless. It’s a positive thing, however be careful if you always prioritize the happiness of others over your own. Because you may be underestimating your worth as a human being.

If you see that everything you do is focused on making others happy, you need to remember that you, too, deserve moments of happiness. It’s okay to indulge in some whims every now and then.

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4. You are an easy target for laughs and teases

Insecure people constantly think about the impression they leave on everyone they know. Is it so hard to stop thinking about it? For someone who underestimates him, it does, and a lot. This causes them anxiety and can make people around them laugh and laugh.

You have to learn how to improve safety in yourself. When you act naturally, without artifice, people realize it and positively appreciate it. If, on the contrary, you are too attentive to love it, you will have the opposite effect.

5. Doubts about your possibilities

Everyone has unique qualities, but people who underestimate themselves are unable to realize them. They live thinking that they are just one more person in a million and that they are in no way different. This can mean that they are unlikely to tell how they feel to another person or that they feel very unhappy in the workplace.

These kinds of defeatist thoughts make you sink and don’t raise any. They are the source of insecurity. if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

6. You feel good in your comfort zone

One of the causes of the insecurity felt by people who underestimate themselves is their inability to step out of their comfort zone. They are comfortable having a gray life and do not feel strong enough to improve their situation. Instead of running away from anything that makes them feel bad, insecure people tend to shut themselves up; they stay still.

We must try to get out of this vicious circle and look for tools that can help you improve your self-esteem. With these tips, you may be able to realize that something is wrong with your life. It’s time to find a way to have better self-esteem and start valuing yourself for what you are worth, which is a lot.

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