6 tips for not being afraid of the future

In times of uncertainty such as the one we are currently experiencing, it is normal to have doubts or certain concerns about the immediate or long-term future that awaits us. The important thing is that these fears do not paralyze us or make us enter into a dynamic of self-sabotage, of harming ourselves without realizing it.

And it is that some people currently present a more or less exacerbated fear of their future, something that causes them great discomfort and that often keeps them in a state of not daring to make important decisions, of living passively from day to day day, which prevents them from achieving their goals and generally enjoying emotional well-being. Therefore, in this article, we will a review of the keys to avoiding fear of the futureor at least not let it become a constant problem.

Strategies and tips for dealing with fear of the future

There are many fears that can overwhelm us throughout our lives, from the fear of losing our job, the fear of the situation of our emotional relationship or even the fear of economic crises. All of these cases involve focusing our attention on assumptions about what we think the future holds; sometimes, given the impossibility of knowing exactly what will happen, we tend to obsessed with the most pessimistic predictions.

Fear can sometimes be a good ally that allows us to avoid conflicting or dangerous situations, however, when it dominates our life and prevents us from moving forward or thriving positively, it becomes an important problem to be tackled. .

With the aim of learning how to manage this fear of the future well and acquiring a series of practical strategies and tools that allow us to live our lives fully and without fear of what may happen, we will see below a series of tips and effective practices that we can apply day by day in this direction.

1. Set short-term goals

Some long-term goals can end up causing frustration in many people due to the time it takes to achieve them, which also ends up causing uncertainty and discomfort about the future.

To overcome this feeling of uncertainty is highly recommended set short-term goals on a weekly, monthly or even daily basisto know at all times what is the concrete objective on which we must focus at any given time.

These short-term goals are more attainable and achieving them in a short time helps us to have a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction with a job well done, even if it is a small achievement.

Each of these small daily accomplishments, added together, will make us aware of the progress we are making, which will have a positive impact on our mental and emotional health.

2. Avoid trying to block fear-based thoughts

Pretending to block fear-based thoughts is counterproductive: in addition to being ineffective, one will get the opposite effect by being more “defensive” in the face of these ideas and mental images.

On the contrary, it is necessary to rationally analyze one’s own thoughts and to be clear at all times that these are the product of the fear that we have of the future that presents itself to us in our life; we have to accept that we don’t have complete control over what goes through our minds, and also accept some level of discomfort as something naturalwithout giving it more importance than it has, so as not to frustrate us.

To successfully overcome this type of thinking, it is recommended to redirect attention to more constructive and stimulating activities that make us feel better and keep us active and motivated.

This means that we can, for example, do pleasant activities that motivate us, such as playing sports, reading, going out with friends, participating in sports competitions or any type of hobby that keeps us busy.

3. Practice relaxation techniques

Practicing daily or weekly different relaxation techniques that can be useful will help us reach states of consciousness and physical level much more balanced and calm in our daily lives.

These states of relaxation will allow us to carry out with more efficiency and diligence all the activities and personal or professional responsibilities that we have to take care of each day or work week.

There are many relaxation techniques available to us today to overcome any type of discomfort or fear about the most recent or long-term future, it is up to us to implement the ones that work best for us. that best suit our particular needs.

Among the main relaxation techniques that we can practice on a daily basis, we find meditation, diaphragmatic breathingJacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation or tai chi.

4. Learn to spot irrational concerns

There are many people worried about their future who end up developing thoughts about themselves or irrational worries about catastrophic events in the future.

To overcome this type of worries that are not based on any real and plausible facts, we must learn to detect them, analyze them and judge rationally what possibilities exist for them to occur.

A good exercise to rule out these kinds of irrational concerns is to analyze them retrospectively. seeing that many things we thought were happening didn’t actually happen.

5. Maintain an active social life

Another tip we can follow to overcome fear of the future is to maintain an active social life on a daily basis.

It will help us keep our minds distracted and allow us to be around people who make us feel better and help us improve our mental health, self-esteem and bring out the best in us.

In addition to that, also interact with other people it can help us to not always think the same way or to fall into confirmation biasbecause by having points of view more different than ours and with different ways of interpreting reality, we can question our personal approaches to the future and to life in general.

6. Go to the psychologist

Going to the psychologist is also one of the best tips we can follow to overcome the fear of the future that we have in front of us, and a highly recommended practice if the tips above do not work.

A psychology professional specializing in anxiety issues it will help us to change our way of conceiving our life, as well as the past and the future in a much more positive way.

In addition to this, psychologists are also experts in offering and indicating all kinds of useful and practical strategies that can help us overcome any fear that we may have in our daily life.

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