7 answers to your online psychology questions

If you’ve come this far to read this article, it might be because you have unresolved questions or concerns about the way we work, as psychologists, that we practice psychotherapy online. You might have thought about it before reading this article … how do they work? Is it reliable? How much does it cost? Is it effective?

From now on, I will try to clarify and answer these questions on the services offered by psychologists on the Internet.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Online Psychotherapy

    Maybe you think you need to go to psychotherapy and think you can do it online, the tranquility, privacy and comfort of your home, Without having to make trips and without having to face a waiting room.

    But since this is something new and unknown to you, it can lead to a lot of uncertainty, so ask yourself a few questions to be safe enough before you decide to start an online psychotherapy process. Maybe some of the questions that come to my mind are the following.

    1. How are the online psychology sessions conducted?

    These sessions generally operate by videoconference, from platforms that facilitate video calls. The psychotherapy session can be carried out without a picture, only with sound, by audio conference or by telephone; also without image or sound, only written in real time, by chat or even by deferred mail.

    Anyway, I only recommend doing psychotherapy online by videoconference, I consider it the most effective way because it is the one that gives the best results.

    2. How do I pay for the price of psychotherapy sessions online?

    Surely you have made a purchase online, because in the same way that you pay for your purchases online, you can also pay the payments to your psychologist online. There are currently many electronic payment gateways, Or send and transfer money (such as Paypal), and payments can be made through them.

    Other alternative means of payment may be bank transfers, account deposits or also remittances via Western Union.

    3. Are the psychotherapy sessions completely online or do you sometimes need to be in person?

    Psychotherapy can be completely online, as diagnosis and treatment can be done by video call and by payment as we have just said through payment gateways on the Internet, or by wire transfer or deposit to account.

    You should know that psychology, unlike other health disciplines such as medicine, it is not essential for physical contact with the patient make a diagnosis, nor perform the psychotherapeutic intervention; so you only need to do this by videoconference.

    4. Is it safe to do therapy with a psychologist online?

    I could still tell you that you can trust a psychologist who works in person. Ultimately, the only thing that changes is the way you communicate with the psychologist.

    As a psychologist working online, I can accredit my university degrees as a graduate in psychology and specialist in clinical psychology. You can also view patient testimonials on my website www.rizaldos.com, as well as face to face testimonials.

    Of course, you can find a con artist or an impostor, but it can also happen in person and in this case you will have to report it to the authorities for professional intrusion. But what you will generally find is that we are the same psychologists who have a face-to-face consultation who now also do online psychotherapy.

    Anyway, for now you can see the fingerprint, the prestige of the therapist and the opinions of other patients a psychologist before deciding to start a psychotherapeutic process.

    5. What is the price of an online psychotherapy session?

    I am among those who believe that the price of online and face-to-face psychology sessions should be the same, because the psychologist brings the same work.

    You will have seen that there are more or less cheap prices. This will depend on the training, experience and prestige of the psychologist, and the same goes for sessions that are done in person.

    What is cheaper is in relation to the time and the relevant transfer to reach a consultation of the psychologist in person.

    6. What do you think of free online psychology?

    There are a lot of people who come across some websites that offer free online psychologist. Unfortunately, these supposed psychology services are unreliable and in no way deserving of your trust, they are a fraud. Going to the psychologist’s office is not free, just as the plumber or the lawyer are not.

    The psychologist is a professional paid for his work, like any other profession. We cannot provide free serviceWell, like everyone else, we have to make a living from our work.

    Maybe there are psychologists working and their services are free or subsidized because they are part of a program funded by a government administration, charity or NGO. In these cases, I don’t have the disadvantages mentioned at the beginning.

    7. Will online psychotherapy work for me?

    I would tell you that at the same level, how effective is the psychotherapy that we do in person. The science-based techniques and therapies that we use in face-to-face psychotherapy sessions to treat and help people with psychological issues are the same ones we use online. The only difference is the way to get them to the patient.

    I wish I had answered your questions about psychotherapy online. It’s a viable option, not the only one, that you don’t rule out without knowing its benefits and effectiveness.

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