7 reasons to major in clinical psychology

Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology responsible for intervening in a practical way in all types of psychological disorders that may be presented by the patient who comes for consultation.

This intervention can be done in many ways, but it must always be based on therapies with proven scientific effectiveness that the psychologist puts into practice according to one or another theoretical current of which he is a specialist.

Currently, clinical psychology is one of the most demanded fields of psychology and there are more and more areas in which the intervention of a qualified clinical psychologist is necessary.

Why specialize and train in the field of Clinical Psychology at the end of the license?

Below is a summary list of the main reasons why it makes sense to train in the field of clinical psychology after obtaining the diploma or the baccalaureate.

1. It increases the possibilities of access to work

As has been stated, clinical psychology is one of the booming branches of the current labor market, which is reflected in the high employment rates exhibited by clinical psychologists in all countries.

Now more and more establishments rely on the services of a clinical psychologist among their staffparticularly in the field of business, but also in educational, governmental, sports institutions or even private consultations.

It is important to dwell on the business area, the one where currently more jobs related to the offer of specialized psychological services are obtained in its human resources departments.

2. Increases professional value

Beyond our employability, specialization in the field of clinical psychology also allows us to increase our value as professionals, which this is noticeable in the direct treatment with patients, in the detection of work opportunities, in the knowledge of seemingly banal details (but crucial in practice) everyday psychotherapy, etc.

3. Provides insight into human nature

Clinical psychology professionals are well versed in human nature and the psychological disorders that most commonly affect the mental health of the general population.

In addition, studies in clinical psychology prepare each professional to treat in the best possible way and with total individualization of each particular case and each problem that the patient may present.

Finally, a specialization in clinical psychology will also provide us with useful and practical tools to better know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses and will provide us with strategies to become better professionals.

4. Allows you to establish contacts with other professionals

Following a specialized master’s degree in clinical psychology will also allow us to establish contacts with renowned specialists in the sector who will be our teachers and professors during the course.

This link with renowned professionals allows you to create a network of contacts between students and teachers which can last a lifetime and will allow each young graduate to consult all types of questions, clarify doubts or receive valuable knowledge, advice and guidance from experts.

5. Enables you to work thinking beyond the organization you work in

Once we have the appropriate level of training to devote ourselves to clinical psychology (either with one or more specific master’s degrees), we can open our own psychology clinic and practice according to our specialization.

Working as a freelancer is very satisfying because it allows us to be our own bosses, not to depend on anyone else in our daily professional life and to hire the staff we need according to the service we offer. in our center.

And even if we do not plan to work in our own company, training in this field allows us to think beyond the daily tasks that we carry out in the company where we are, have a general understanding of the sector.

6. It offers various opportunities for specialization

The branch of clinical psychology allows you to specialize with the study of other master’s or postgraduate courses that may be of interest to us, given that in this area there is a wide variety of sub-disciplines.

Some of the branches in which we can specialize in the field of clinical psychology are clinical psychology for adults, children and adolescents, psychopathology, clinical neuropsychology, intervention in complements, etc.

7. Allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks

As noted, specializing in the integrated field of clinical and health psychology allows the professional to integrate into their daily practice a series of evidence-based tools that help you perform a wide variety of functions.

Some of these various functions are: assessment, diagnosis, treatment, intervention, counseling and guidance, research, teaching and supervision.

Do you want to train in the field of clinical psychology?

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