Addiction and group therapy in the outpatient treatment of patients

The support groups that you see in American movies, these group therapies, are with us as well. And at Fromm Benestar, we are professionals with a lot of experience in them.

Without a doubt, group therapy works very well in addition to psychological treatment for addictions. This makes sense because it is a safe space in which the person can work in peace.

You may have heard of it, but what do we really know about addiction treatment group therapy?

    What is group therapy?

    Group therapy is a way of working to detoxify addictions that it helps to change patterns of behavior, thinking and thinking, Problems with which an addict must constantly struggle. These are limitations that make an addict stay the same until he manages to break them down.

    Self-help groups aim to help the addict overcome the mental and behavioral barriers caused by his illness, such as denial and shame. In fact, group therapy emphasizes both of these disadvantages as they are very important conditions when it comes to not being able to adequately progress in their recovery.

    Is it difficult for the addict to do group therapy?

    The truth is that it is not at all easy for a person with any addiction to start group therapy because they feel uncomfortable and do not know anyone else. other.

    Added to this feeling of loneliness is the fact that at the start of group therapy the addict has an altered or distorted self-perceptionYou may even think that your illness is less serious than it actually is or compare it poorly to others, categorizing and mistaking the severity of addiction. He doesn’t see what’s going on objectively.

    This is what is dealt with in group therapy, where patients understand what they are really facing. During the sessions, participants see that the real situation is not how they perceive it, but how others perceive it. This is colloquially called confrontation and consists of look at yourself in front of your own mirror seen with the help of participating classmates.

    Another difficulty they encounter is that they have no control over substance use or the behaviors that make them dependent. The group creates an environment in which they feel included, And for them, it is a little easier to cope with the real problem.

    The great thing about drug addiction group therapy is that it involves very different people who have been through a similar situation. This allows the patient to identify with others and to be created patient support networks by sharing their experiences and learning from each other.

    In addition, group treatment brings back into their lives the self-discipline and limits so necessary to overcome addiction. It also allows them to get to know themselves, to learn from the experience of others and to have first-hand information about those who have gone through it. In addition, seeing its evolution generates optimism and the desire to change.

      Tools for group therapy

      In group therapy, two tools are mainly used: an assessment and how to deal with the problem. Until an addict realizes his illness, the moment comes when he clearly sees two things, how others see him and how he perceives the situation himself. Truly, the professional exerts a mirror effect in which the addict reflects himself.

      Although many may perceive it as a means of attacking, it really brings reality to the person. Of course, to do this you must always adopt an approach centered on addiction, radical respect and empathy.

      Good behaviors are valued and reinforced, and here we can include appropriate behaviors or attitudes. If you could say no, it’s to celebrate.

      The role of the therapist

      In group therapy, it is the therapist who makes sure that the dynamics are the right one. It is he who coordinates the meeting and the participation of the people. It is very important to make the group an environment in which the addict can express himself freely and without fear of being judged, while providing advice and guidelines to be put into practice.

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