Chronicle of the predicted death of a virus

We are currently witnessing one of the most stressful contexts in history caused by the disease, along with others such as the MERS, Ebola and SARS epidemics: the global pandemic and with it the virus of fear.

If the aggressiveness with which this COVID-19 has affected us is true, it is also true that the reality of viruses has not affected a very high percentage of deaths in patients without previous pathology.

However, we already know thanks to the team of scientists and health professionals that the virus can be correlated with five other pathologies, because patients with associated comorbidities had much higher rates (cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, hypertension, cancer, diabetes). The fundamental problem is the speed of its expansion by contagion.

    The contagion of fear

    Faced with this situation, the world lives in fear and even panic. Almost in the blink of an eye, we became aware of our fragility. We are deeply concerned about the uncertainty of our future. All of our greatness and strength comes down to littleness and weakness. We are looking for peace and serenity at all costs, not knowing where to find them. We are accompanied by symptoms of fear, anxiety, fear, panic …

    Tachycardia, palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tremors, sweating, digestive discomfort, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, insomnia, irritability, muscle tension and stiffness, fatigue, dizziness … symptoms, on the other hand, quite logical matters. given the gravity of the historical crisis we are experiencing. It has nothing to do with weakness of character, But with conscience and common sense in the current situation. It took just over a week for the virus to shut down the economy and disrupt supplies to thousands of families.

    however, most situations that scare us are learned because they have already caused us physical damage but also emotional, in such a way that we can manage to automate our response.

    In this sense, I think we have been well trained by leisure, and with it, by fear and suffering.

    The brain process of generating anxiety

    In our brain, we have two small structures, the cerebral tonsils, which are the main nucleus for controlling emotions and feelings and also handling satisfaction or fear responses. They have emotionally “kidnapped” us many times. They made us say things we didn’t want to say and regretted later, or they got us into an emotion without our being able to rationally orient our thinking by countering the emotion.

    This is when our body generates adrenaline and cortisol be able to keep us “kidnapped” for up to four hours. This is what we colloquially call becoming “bad blood”. These hormones, coming from the hypothalamus, pass into the bloodstream “messing up” the blood, causing the discomfort to persist.

    A good strategy for this type of situation is conscious deep breathingAs it allows us to connect with our body and focus our attention on it, limiting this emotional abduction, activating our parasympathetic system and inhibiting the sympathetic system, causing a lack of self-control.

    The need to adapt to a new reality

    What to do at a time like the one we live in after almost two months totally confined? And with the confinement extended a few times, and without knowing for sure how long still in the city of Barcelona, ​​after the last regrowth experienced in the province of Lleida.

    We are forced to a social distance of two meters, the compulsory use of masks, certain schedules that we must respect to avoid overcrowding and the coincidence with those of different ages, whether they are old people or children …

    To this situation is added the health collapse which we have witnessed in recent months and which seems to tend to disappear, but … until when?

    It is said that 80% of the healthcare community suffer from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. They were subjected to countless hours, giving 300% of their capacity in the face of a war in which they remained unarmed. A situation that could be described as “burnout”, the best way to burn people, increase in work without providing the means. The flashbacks we live in today have to do with rooms full of dying people without the proper means to offer to others and not even to themselves.

    For the rest of the dead, the pandemic has not left them unscathed either. Adults and the elderly who have not yet fallen ill did not want to leave their homes for fear of being infected. Infinite rituals to protect health and protect us from others. Media that serve as modulation of our brain. Continuous washing. Covered mouths. Submission. Incapacity. Incapacity. Asphyxia.

    What to do?

    We must understand that, from now on, we will live in a different context of life. Technology imposes itself on us, obliges us to move forward and to include ourselves in the social torrent of digital communication. 5G is knocking on our door, paradoxically giving us its best face.

    We cannot ignore the fact that the stressful situation we are living in has led to a decline in the immune system and the resulting disease if we are not able to take intelligent control over this situation. We may encounter reactions related to “tonsil removal” in our fear of being infected..

    We are starting to realize that although the virus is harmful, it is even more so through the anxiety it causes. We breathe a psychological bubble created by alarmism (of no importance for the danger of the virus) conditioned by the high impact, the high alarm capacity and the low reliability, coupled with the way in which the authorities are questioned from the government.

    Sometimes I have the feeling that our mind is violated in the name of preparing it for later events. Everything stays in our subconscious so that later, even if we don’t remember exactly what we are already going through, we know how to react. accept the event without so much rebellion. Now with more ability to submit.

    I think the worst lie they are instilling in us is that it will happen soon … and the solution they are proposing is confinement. We cannot ignore the fact that fear ultimately kills society. We hide from viruses, because the ostrich hides its head in the face of danger, thinking that this is how we are going to make it disappear. We lacked social strength.

    Fear always binds us to death, and the only way to deal with it is not to avoid it.. In other words: avoid avoiding it. Anxiety is the platform for most of the illnesses we have.

    It is therefore necessary, in all circumstances, to take risks, even if these can lead to death in some cases. What does it mean to live with a fearful state of mind?

    People argue between those who decide to be the protagonists of their lives and those who decide that life decides for them. In short, either we have a master mentality, or we have a slave mentality, free or imprisoned.

    It becomes necessary for us to develop a mentality of courage. We must therefore learn to live with the situation that concerns us, with cunning, intelligence and understanding, without mortgaging our future.

    We kill the virus of fear in us. We resuscitate courage despite uncertainty. And let us remember, as Kant already told us, that the intelligence of the individual is measured by the quantity of uncertainties which he is able to support. Only then can we live.

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