Contributions of online psychology to people with self-esteem issues

New technological advances are expanding our way of life and today we have several tools that give us more means of communication.

These advances are undoubtedly positive aspects of the way we use technology. Here we will talk specifically about this technology applied to online psychotherapy and their relationship to self-esteem issues.

    The development of online therapy

    Online psychology is attracting more and more people; these people tilted their preference for online therapy as they can practically receive it from anywhere in the world, from their office or home, giving them more discretion and privacy.

    Being a relatively new type of therapy, with a modality different from the usual one, it is normal that some people are not aware of its effectiveness, have many doubts and even some mistrust.

    And it is that a lot of people do not know how it works or how an online psychological consultation develops, they do not know if they are really reliable, they have doubts about the level of efficiency that can exist in it. absence of physical contact between therapist and patient …

    In this article, we will focus on highlighting the fundamental contribution of online therapy to people with self-esteem issues.

      But … what is self-esteem?

      Self-esteem is the perception we have of our ability to achieve goals, of our way of thinking, of feeling, Etc. In other words, it is defined by our concept of self, the evaluation of ourselves in different areas.

      For this reason, it is of great importance to maintain a self-image of ourselves, realistically. Low self-esteem is one of the pillars of the appearance of various psychological problems, Such as depression or anxiety.

      Holding negative thoughts about ourselves leads to a deterioration in our quality of life and our level of well-being. And conversely, in most cases, maintaining positive thoughts and high self-esteem will benefit us in achieving our goals.

      Main symptoms of a person with self-esteem issues

      These are the most common signs of low self-esteem.

      • Frequent fears of not being accepted by others.
      • Constant comparison with others.
      • Fixation towards failures and not towards successes.
      • Intense insecurity about their abilities.
      • Feeling like you have to consult with others to make decisions.
      • He has toxic relationships, in his family, with his partner and with his friends.
      • He generally doesn’t like his own way of being.

      In this sense, it is advisable to choose to use online psychology services to improve self-esteem if:

      • Nothing you do is enough for you.
      • It is difficult for you to cope with new goals or objectives because you are not sure that you can do it correctly.
      • You scan several times to complete a simple task for fear of doing it wrong.
      • Pay more attention to the successes of others than to your own.

      What is the contribution of online psychology to self-esteem issues?

      Problems with self-esteem are the root cause of the appearance of certain difficulties in people, such as the insecurity, fear, mistrust that they have to face every day. These problems affect relationships, friendships, work and family. The person with low self-esteem is afraid to relate to others and speak out.

      Online psychology will allow the patient with self-esteem issues to reconcile with himself; in this kind of process, we will break down the self-limiting barriers that we impose that make us feel insecure when making decisions, expressing and loving. On the other hand, online therapy allows the patient to constantly practice removing limitations that arise unconsciously, sometimes in the form of external voices, which indirectly affect our self-esteem.

      Therapy generally benefits the patient by identifying their own way of being and expressing themselves without unnecessary fear. In this way, you learn to give importance and value to your own personal characteristics and to work, little by little, to improve self-confidence, in order to meet the challenges that are offered in life.

      This new practice of technology, applied to psychology and its online therapy system, is extremely helpful to patients, helping them in many ways.

      Accessibility from anywhere

      Online psychology is beneficial and particularly recommended when dealing with self-esteem issues due to the patient’s access to where they are. Patients who live in remote or rural areas and are unable to attend an in-person psychological consultation, for example, find themselves unable to access a service previously impossible to use.

      Likewise, patients who, due to a mobility problem, cannot frequently visit a psychology office they also benefit. Sometimes people with this type of disability are more susceptible to low self-esteem and online therapy is more beneficial to them.


      The online psychologist represents reliability, all these professionals are governed by a code of ethics which regulates their profession and work legally for the exercise of their specialty. Therefore, people with self-esteem issues will be able to feel confident and speak up honestly about intimate matters and this in other contexts would make them feel vulnerable.

      The online psychologist is carefully selected for their technical ability and commitment. Therefore, he is empowered to achieve a therapist-patient alliance based on trust, and thus, to achieve the goals set for overcoming low self-esteem.


      In dissonance with the intimacy that brings him the power go to therapy from a place where you feel safeThe patient with self-esteem issues feels more comfortable, at ease, relaxed, and willing to maintain a sincere and open channel of communication. We feel in privacy and total privacy.

      Online therapy can be performed through a video call sessionWhether you want it with a video image or on the contrary only with sound, this session is performed by the patient from the place of their preference, feeling safe and comfortable at all times.


      Online therapy gives the possibility to better select the schedules, Which is convenient from the patient’s point of view.

      In some cases, it is a bit difficult for a person to attend a psychologist session in a doctor’s office, whether for study, work, or for other reasons. Thus, thanks to online psychology, it is possible to adjust the online therapy sessions according to the patient’s schedule and adapt it to his lifestyle, which is very comfortable.

      This type of establishment invites you to continue to consult the psychologist to those who, having self-esteem issues, are more likely to assume that it makes sense to go to therapy because (supposedly) they won’t be able to improve, they say during the first stage of the intervention.


      Online therapy can be performed in the comfort of the patient’s home or in a space where they feel comfortable and secure; this slightly strengthens their ability to cope with their shyness or insecurity, making it easier for the first step to their recovery, without needing much more than a specialist, an internet connection and a computer or mobile for communication. All in favor of improving their low self-esteem, strengthening their virtues and rejecting their fears, discovering that they can be a person capable of exploring their potential and being emotionally healthy.

      This form of online psychology aims to raise the patient’s self-esteem as a first step, making them aware of their right to live happily, to know, to know and to understand that we must always be willing to receive the better. May success motivate and stimulate well-being, living on satisfaction.

      Self-esteem problems attract negative situations, which is why the person is content to experience problematic situations all the time; it is an adaptation to the harmful way of life. Therefore, by increasing our self-esteem, we are in a better position to achieve our goals. Having good self-esteem allows us to focus on improvement, we are ready to move forward with more determination and commitment in this improvement process.

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