Couples therapy in Ronda: the 9 most popular centers

Relationship problems are the order of the day in our society; often coexistence can deteriorate or small potholes can arise in a relationship that end up leading to distressing or painful situations.

Therefore, knowing where to go for psychological assistance to overcome these crises can be very helpful.

In this article we will see the best couples therapy centers in the city of Ronda, By focusing on the type of therapy they offer, their specialties and also their location in the city.

    Couples therapy in Ronda: several recommendations

    Consult our list if you live in Ronda and would like to receive such psychological care.

    1. Psychologists PsychoAbreu Round

    The psychotherapy center Psychologists PsychoAbreu Round is one of the most prestigious in the region and is part of the network of psychological care centers PsicoAbreu, born in the capital Malaga and currently present in the cities of the province.

    This is one of the best options when it comes to couples therapy, and their team of professionals have extensive experience in providing interventions to help couples with issues such as jealousy, lack of confidence, cohabitation problems, boredom and apathy, Frequent discussions, infidelity crises, etc.

    Regarding individual therapy, among the specialties of psychologists working at the PsicoAbreu center we find the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, problems of expression of emotions, disorders of impulse control, and in general any problem that may interfere with the well-being of the patient.

    • The PsicoAbreu center in Ronda is located at number 2 of Calle Metge Luis Peralta.
    • You can get more information about the center by clicking here.

    2. Queen’s psychologists

    Emma Guerrero Reina she is an expert in psychotherapy in the field of couple therapy, sexology and also in sex education and gender education.

    Throughout her career in different centers, public and private, she has acquired knowledge and training in couple therapy and in everything that surrounds this area of ​​affection and expression of love.

    Among the treatments and problems discussed during Emma Guerrero Reina’s consultation, we can highlight sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or vaginismus, romantic duels and separations, crises of confidence in the couple, etc.

    • Emma Guerrero Reina’s consultation can be found at number 8 of Carrer Olleria.

    3. Ángela García Salas Psychology

    Some of the specialties that we can find in the center of Ángela García Salas are the treatment of anxiety attacks, problems of coexistence and communication between couples, depression, stress and anxiety in some members of the couple.

    During couples therapy sessions, she works for both lifestyle habits and beliefs and patients’ thinking patterns are transformed into a version of themselves that helps strengthen the romantic relationship.

    • Its consultation is at number 8 of the Carrer Artesans.

    4. José Rivero Center

    at José Rivero Center it works with a humanistic therapy approach, based on the integration of all aspects of a person’s life and all the factors involved in their well-being in order to be able to cope with whatever may generate anxiety or frustration in the patient.

    The treatments offered at the José Rivero center are aimed at children, adolescents and adults as well as couples and families. In the field of couples therapy, he emphasizes the need to express emotions openly for the relationship to flow.

    • The José Rivero Center is located at Calle Verge del Remei, number 4.

    5. Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz Psychology

    Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz offers in its center a treatment for all these problems of couple which can arise in the coexistence or throughout the relation.

    Some of the issues discussed by Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo are: jealousy, depression, self esteem issues, and anger management issues.

    • Maria Auxiliadora Ruiz Morillo’s office is located on Avenida de Andalucía number 16.

    6. Alejandro Marín

    The psychologist’s center Alejandro Marin He also has a strong track record in couples therapy, although he also treats patients of all ages for one-on-one therapy sessions.

    His career in different private and public centers and his constant training in different branches of psychology support his therapeutic practice.

    • You can find Alejandro Marín’s psychological consultation at Carrer Lola Penya Parrés number 8 in Ronda.

    7. Maria Raquel Torres Nuñez

    The center of Maria Raquel Torres Núñez it also offers treatment for couple problems. Through cognitive behavioral therapy is able to offer solutions to a variety of problems, including communication in the impaired couple, jealousy, the constant search for loneliness, emotional dependence and the treatment of anxiety by separation.

    • The Maria Raquel Torres Núñez Center is located at 13 Jerez Street.

    8. Patricia Fernández Moreno

    At its center, Patricia Fernandez Moreno offers couples therapy, family therapy and perinatal psychology. In addition to this, we can find professional attention to all relationship issues, as well as alterations such as dissatisfaction with life, psychological trauma in adults, relationship crises, depression or grief.

    • The consultation of this professional is at number 13 Jerez de Ronda street.

    9. Victoria E. Domínguez Domínguez

    Victoria E. Domínguez Domínguez specializes in the psychological care of couples, adults, young people and children. He has experience and training to tackle a wide variety of issues related to discussions, lack of good times together, etc.

    Individual disorders and issues discussed at its center include depression, accumulated stress and anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and low self-esteem.

    • You can find your consultation at Carrer Lauría number 1.

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