Discover the Mensalus Psychology Center with this photo report

Mensalus is one of the psychotherapy and training centers in the most renowned psychology of Barcelona, ​​and his 35 years of experience guarantee his great career.

It currently brings together a multidisciplinary team of professionals in psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, educational psychology and speech therapy who offer various services: psychological assistance for adults, couples, families, adolescents and children, brief therapy, training for psychologists, personal development workshops and coaching sessions. for all age groups.

With this photo report, Psychology and the mind this presents them benchmark institution which for more than three decades is committed to providing quality therapeutic services and has trained hundreds of psychologists in clinical and therapeutic practice.

Mensalus: 35 years of psychological assistance and treatment

Mensalus has a large team of professionals who work in a coordinated manner to be able to make a joint diagnostic evaluation and obtain the best results in the therapeutic treatment of its patients. This center is at the forefront of psychological intervention and offers its services for adults as well as for couples, families, adolescents and children.

From Mensalus, deal with different problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, sleep issues, partner issues, eating issues, substance abuse, difficulty coping with the stages of motherhood or retirement, schizophrenia, and aging issues, among others.

Indeed, if going to a psychologist is often associated with a serious problem, many people seek psychological help for different reasons: to resolve a conflict with their partner, to reduce the stress they feel at work, to improve their social skills. .

Psychotherapy is useful in improving our well-being and helping us achieve balance in our lives, Provides us with the essential tools to become emotionally intelligent people and educates us to be able to adapt to complicated situations that may arise in our daily lives. That’s why it’s important to put yourself in good hands, especially when it comes to mental health issues.

A fully practical training center for psychologists

Mensalus is also known for its training center for professionals in psychology, health and education, As he teaches many practical and professional courses. Being a psychotherapy center allows us to offer unique, absolutely practical and experiential training proposals.

Among its training actions highlights the “Specialized Master in Clinical Practice of Psychotherapy”, Accredited by the General Psychological Council of Spain and approved by the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) and SEIP (Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy).

This training is totally oriented towards therapeutic practice and professional practice; It consists of over 400 hours of hands-on teaching and case supervision, and is ideal for participants to prepare for the world of work and to put their skills and all internal and external resources into practice to do their jobs well. . This master has a great added value, and that is that the students perform psychotherapy with patients (provided by the center). For one year and is equivalent to 90 ECTS credits.

In addition, the Mensalus Institute also teaches a wide variety of professional courses, Such as: the “Postgraduate exercise as a psychotherapist”, the “Practical course in child and adolescent psychology” or the course “The grieving process”, which aim to train professionals in a particular specialty.

Personal growth workshops to improve emotional well-being

Mensalus also offers the possibility of attending various seminars and workshops is aimed at all people who wish to improve their self-knowledge and personal growth, because in order to achieve personal well-being it is very important to lead an emotionally balanced life and to master a range of skills of social, relationship development and personal.

The methodology of these workshops is experiential and experiential and has been designed so that participants can enjoy the content in the best way, with short practices that allow them to integrate the exercises into any activity of daily living.

Among the most popular are: the “Mindfulness Training Program (M-PBI)”, to be able to engage in the practice of Mindfulness; the “Life Coaching Workshop”, to improve self-knowledge and achieve personal goals; and “The Emotional Intelligence Workshop”, to acquire the emotional skills necessary for a better quality of life. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to master different techniques and resources that are useful on a daily basis.

Online therapy service: psychological assistance without travel

Thanks to new information and communication technologies (ICT), the chances of receiving psychological therapy have increased. People who don’t have the flexibility of time, have travel limitations, or simply prefer anonymous contact can also perform therapy sessions from their own computer.

The psychology center Mensalus has an online therapy service so that patients can contact their professionals without having to come to the clinic. This service has many advantages, such as privacy, comfort, flexible hours or more extensive coverage and access, while ensuring the same professional quality as face-to-face therapy.

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