Eproctophilia: symptoms, causes and treatment

There is disgust, shame and, let’s face it, a bit of humor in the repertoire of wind-induced sensations.

But there are people whose gas causes great arousal, so much so that it is indispensable in their sex life. They need their partner to shoot them in the face or, conversely, the one who throws it at someone else.

It can be the smell, the sound or the feeling that something that has been inside of someone that turns them on all tastes like paraphilia for farts, eproctophilia, and then we’ll dig deeper.

    What is eproctophilia?

    Eproctophilia is a type of paraphilia where sexual arousal occurs in the presence of gas.. In other words, the person with this particular paraphilia only experiences sexual pleasure when someone, him or his sexual partner, farts.

    It usually occurs in straight men, drawn to gas from women they sleep with, although there are all kinds of accounts from gay eproctophiles interested in other men’s farts. There are even curious cases of men who pretend to be straight but feel real arousal when another man blows a blast.

    There is a debate on the classification of this paraphilia. In some circles, it is considered a mild form of coprophilia, the sexual attraction to human faeces. However, many people with arousal farts claim that they are not interested in human feces and may even be completely deprived of sexual arousal. In all cases, as with all paraphilias, eproctophilia should only be considered pathological when farting is the only way a person can enjoy sex.


      The main feature of paraphilias is the association that the person makes of sexual pleasure with the object or the situation of his obsession. In this case, the eproctophilic person shows that the main symptom is excitement when he is in a situation where there is gas in the middle, that we throw farts at him, that it is she who is thrown at him. . sexual partner or both.

      Do not confuse a person who shows a simple interest in human gas, even if it is an extravagant taste, with someone who presents eproctophilia. Although there are no criteria on how to diagnose this condition, what can be said is that a person with eproctophilia could be considered to be someone whose association between pleasure and gas is. so large that it interferes with their sex life. This situation can become extreme, so much so that the affected person is unable to enjoy sex unless exposed to their partner’s gas.

      In fact, it is the most important indicator of any type of affiliate. that only sexual arousal is felt for a single practice or situation. As a result, all kinds of personal and relationship issues can arise as one is unable to enjoy conventional sex and, as a rule, few potential sex partners can show the same interest in gas.

      Specific practices of eproctophilia

      The way this paraphilia occurs can be very variable from person to person, although always with the presence of gas in the background.. For example, there are eproctophiles who say they feel aroused when they see a pretty woman blowing gas because it is a violation of social norms.

      There are also cases where they say that smelling another person’s gas is sexually arousing because they see it as a kind of display of affection and confidence. Supporters of his case have worked to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. They also see it as a gesture of social relaxation, a way to break the ice when you know someone whose presence is intimidating.

      There are extreme cases where the person with eproctophilia is unable to get aroused if their sexual partner does not throw a fart, or if that same partner is not in favor of receiving it. As with many other paraphilias, the obsession of the obsessed person tends to focus on more and more specific situations, to the point that it is really difficult and complicated to access the excitement. In the case of eproctophilia, the time may come when the patient not only needs their partner to fart, but they will only feel arousal if that fart makes a particular sound and smell.

        Causes of this paraphilia

        Eproctophilia is a little studied paraphilia. This is not because there are few eproctophiles, but rather because few dare to admit that they feel aroused by smelling other people’s gas or throwing it at another person. This is not a behavior that can be considered socially accepted and, for this reason, scientific research to uncover the causes of this particular sexual attraction is rather scarce. However, several possible causes have been suggested to explain the cause of eproctophilia.

        Let’s take a look at some of the theories that attempt to explain why eproctophilia occurs.

        1. Behaviorism: classical and operant conditioning

        Certain concepts of behaviorism have been used in an attempt to explain the origin of certain paraphilias, including eproctophilia. This branch of psychology maintains that all of our habits are formed by learning, associating pain and pleasure with specific practices.. This association can be given in two ways:

        • Classic conditioning: when the associated situation occurs at the same time as a certain pleasure.

        • Operative conditioning: when after performing a specific behavior, we receive some kind of reward or reinforcement.

        In connection with eproctophilia, the explanation would be that the person associates sexual pleasure with your sexual partner’s gas after escaping from farting multiple times during sex. If this had happened so many times, it would have reached the point where the person could no longer experience sexual arousal without farts during sex.

        2. Psychoanalysis: childhood traumas

        Psychoanalysis has its explanation at the origin of paraphilias. In this case, it is believed that paraphilias arise as a result of trauma occurring during childhood that remain etched in the subconscious. These childhood traumas are almost always said to be the result of sexual abuse or the death of loved ones, especially parents and caregivers, who have been mistreated or mismanaged.

        According to psychoanalysts, it is these highly disturbing situations which profoundly modify the way in which the child and later the adolescent discovers his sexual pleasure. As a result, as he got older he would start showing all kinds of abnormal behaviors and attitudes towards sex that could be diagnosed as paraphilias. It should be noted, however, that while this explanation makes sense and has a lot of followers, there isn’t much evidence to back it up.

          3. Neurobiology: neurotransmitters

          More and more scientists are interested in studying the role of the brain and neurotransmitters in sexual arousal.. There are substances, such as testosterone and dopamine, that play a very important role in determining what turns us on.

          Some theorists have speculated that when a person becomes addicted to pornography or sex, they can eventually develop tolerance to dopamine, a neurotransmitter very important in the regulation of sexual arousal. The greater the tolerance, the more difficult it will be for the person to feel arousal and the need to be exposed to increasingly extreme situations or to hypersexualized objects and people.

          Extrapolated to people with eproctophilia, What would happen is that at first your brain would be inundated with dopamine and testosterone when you smell or smell gas.. Gradually, they would become more addicted to farts, only feeling dopamine when someone releases gas or when they do it themselves. Over time, he would show tolerance for this same condition, requiring farts to be released in a very specific way or smelled a certain way that he could feel sexual arousal.


            Paraphilias are patterns of sexual behavior, not necessarily mental disorders, so their treatment will depend on their severity or how they interfere with the life of the affected person. In general, the treatment of more severe paraphilias is not straightforward and requires a multidisciplinary approach, but it should be understood that there may be several origins behind the onset of abnormal sexual behavior.

            Since this is a sex issue, it is essential that the person with eproctophilia goes to a sex therapist in order to learn new, less specific sexual practices. and healthier. This professional will work with the patient on his sexual flexibility, in the sense that he can be more open to the practices that give him pleasure and thus not depend so much on a specific situation to feel sexual arousal.

            If there were, porn or sex addiction would have to be treated and thus gradually reduced dopamine tolerance. In this way, the patient, in a completely natural way, will be more sensitive to the most daily sexual stimuli, which will significantly improve his sex life as a couple or during casual encounters.

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