Fear and anxiety, two symptoms of the coronavirus

We are facing a global health crisis, as well as a crisis of fear and anxiety. It is very important to be able to understand how these two symptoms work in such a special situation as the one we are experiencing.

Of course, it is difficult to measure, describe or predict an emotion, because each person experiences it differently in certain circumstances, depending on their previous experiences, their learning and their specific situation.

Emotions play an adaptive role in ensuring our survival. All emotions are valid and there are no positive or negative emotions; for this reason, it is important to express all kinds of emotions, as holding them back can cause major problems. Here we will see some keys to managing anxiety and fear related to the coronavirus pandemic.

I first want to define fear: it is an emotion linked to an unpleasant feeling that arises when faced with the perception of a risk or danger, Real or imaginary. In addition, fear is linked to anxiety.

Anxiety is an anticipatory reaction of the body which appears involuntarily and maintains the nervous system in a state of strong activation in the face of internal stimuli (thoughts, memories …) or external (sounds, skin sensations …) perceived as threatening. In addition, it goes hand in hand with somatic symptoms of stress.

    Managing fear and anxiety about coronavirus

    Of all the primary emotions, the most important is fear, because helps to detect danger, And if we don’t detect it, we won’t survive.

    For example: if we are in a bar having something to drink, and suddenly someone walks in with a gun hitting shots, the first thing that is going to happen to us is to be afraid of this real situation. But if we are in a bar and imagine that someone might come in with a gun, surely what we are feeling is anxiety, which is an anticipated response to fear. And we are going to have a panic attack.

    In this case, considering the situation we are living in these days, there is a real threat which is the virus called COVID-19, or more commonly known as “Coronavirus”, but we decide how to live it. For example, if we decide to spend all day watching the news on television, we are faced with a constant state of alert, over-informed, and therefore let’s not talk about anything other than the virus.

    In this scenario, we will find ourselves neglecting the activity, which means that we will be much more likely to get sick, as the threat is constantly in our heads.

    On the other hand, there is a real fear. A fear in which we are faced with something with great ignorance, but there is. This is something new for everyone and we are responding as best we can.

    Therefore, in the face of what is happening in the world, from PSiCOBAi we want to give some advice so that, despite the fear, we can live a little more calm and with less anxiety:

    1. Plan your daily routines

    Isolation removes the notion of time and space which are essential to the balance of our psyche

    2. Be in touch with our loved ones

    Not to see them physically, it does not mean that you cannot continue to communicate through calls and messages, And so share what happens to us

    3. Don’t neglect our appearance and personal hygiene

    Being at home doesn’t mean giving up or being in pajamas all day

    4. If necessary, call a professional

    To endure this situation, where we are faced with something unknown, often we don’t know how to act and how to control our emotions. That is why it is important to seek help on time.

    5. Maintain a good diet and supplement it with physical exercise

    As has been shown, exercise promotes the release of endorphins, which helps maintain physical and mental well-being.

      6. Accept the emotions and feelings that we are going through

      It is very important not to deny themAs it is proven that those who develop a level of acceptance develop a lower level of stress and anxiety.

      7. Using humor is very important

      It always helps us to cope with a difficult situation in the best way.

      8. Stay active

      Do not stay in bed and isolate yourself from everything and everyone.

      9. Find out from official sources without giving us too much information

      Over-information the only thing it will generate in us is to increase anxiety levels.


      Obviously, to defeat this virus, we are all together. For this, it is essential that each of us is in good mental and physical health. If you want to contact our team of professionals PSICOBAi, Go to this page.

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