Gestures to live without stress on a daily basis

Today, October 2022, two and a half years into the coronavirus pandemic, those of us who have worked in healthcare for a long time are seeing how people are still showing the psychological effects of having gone through this stage. who changed their lives for everything

A resisted adaptation to physical isolation, which in many cases also became the emotional isolation of being alone, uncertainty, fear of getting sick, job loss, job breakup or abandonment. some personal ties due to the physical distance imposed, the change of habits and I am also giving up several of them…

And now, returning to normality is more like a made-up phrase, because the current normality is not and will not be that of times past. ultimately, all this means that people need to be accompanied in our “daily discomforts”and if you are often stressed or upset it is because you have already “loaded your bag too much” with everything I have just listed, other times it may simply be because you need to manage your emotions in a different way, to heal in the broadest sense and follow your life more lightly / ay feliz.

I have been a psychologist, life and business coach, and director of my consulting firm CoachingyPsicología, for almost twenty years. During all this time he worked with hundreds of people, to manage the best of themselves, to live and work with the best quality. Not long ago, I discovered something inside me that I like to call: “it’s invisible to your eyes…and it’s called stress”. Not without kicking myself more than once with physical symptoms of discomfort not attributable to any specific image, and after going through a lot of fatigue that I didn’t understand at the time where or where it came from, I realized it was called stress.

Learn to live stress-free

It is a complex image, which I have begun to explore, very typical of this current era which I have just described, and which I am currently studying and working on myself, from three areas in which I help you to balance, resolve your conflicts, harmonize and finally give you personal tools for self-regulation.

1. In your daily life

The first of these areas is your daily life. If you are overwhelmed by different demands – be they family, work or even social –, you are embarking on a new professional or personal project, or quite simply for various reasons you have almost no time to take care of yourself and rest… Do not despair! You are part of the large percentage of people in the world who live this reality on a daily basis but who will also be stressed in the short or medium term.

In this area, we are working on:

  • An equation to change your mood quickly and maintain it all day… Because that’s the key!
  • How to redirect energies to meet your daily responsibilities.
  • How to do your daily work without sacrificing your health or postponing your most precious projects.

2. In meaningful relationships

The second area that can undoubtedly stress you out is your relationships, especially your relationships with partners. And yes: the more intimate a relationship is… the more likely it is to stress you out. It’s almost another one of my favorite equations.

Thus, in the field of love or family relationships, there will always be differences, arguments and of course conflicts that will test not only your feelings, but also your personal capacity (both physical and emotional) to respond, compose the situation, resolve it… O sometimes the most complex: moving forward with the link, without feeling damaged/or damaged by the other.

It’s true: just because you can overcome these situations doesn’t mean that you can and sometimes should end a relationship that has become toxic for you.

So in this area we put our hands in the dough to resolve relational conflicts, aiming above all to heal this link, bring balance, harmony and also healthy conversationsso that it can grow, if you decide, and be maintained over time.

Of course, in this area, it is important:

  • Distinguish when a relationship may or may not be toxic (and what to do to deal with it and eventually end it).
  • Find tools to get out of marital and family conflicts, before they exhaust you, and the worst: if you don’t resolve them, they will come back to you cyclically, costing you more and more personal energy.
  • Avoid and/or overcome negative emotions, those that make you sick and that arise when the conflict itself begins.

3. In personal development

The third area to take care of, if you want to live without stress, is that of your spiritual development. In addition to managing your daily stress and / or your conflicting relationships, it is also super effective that you prepare yourself on a daily basis so that more and more of these situations pass through your life without destabilizing youlet alone leave you in negative moods or emotions, such as sadness, fear, anger, or apathy itself.

This is why in this third area I invite you to:

  • Work with meditation practices.
  • Do spontaneous mindfulness exercises that take you away from tension.
  • Develop your inner sensor to detect when you’re about to get stressed, to get out of it quickly.

Nothing happens overnightbut a good process of personal accompaniment in these three areas, I assure you, can greatly help you to overcome this situation, so typical of our times, and one of the major causes of the physical and psychological illness of millions of people in the world

I leave you with my favorite phrase, just in case you want to keep it, and which personally identifies me very much: “Awakening to a life of purpose and presence is the only thing you need to be happy”

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