Hibristophilia: the attraction for dangerous people

For many centuries we have tended to think of human beings as being a rational animal. However, in practice, many aspects of our behavior show that this is not the case. Hybridophilia, which is a tendency to feel attracted to dangerous people or inclined to hurt others, is one of them.

And when it comes to sharing a relationship based on intimacy and trust with someone, it seems very clear that the more dangerous the chosen partner, the more likely things will turn out? wrong. In many cases, in fact, there can be cases of psychological and physical abuse.

So what explains the existence of hibristophilia? How is it given? Let’s see.

    The characteristics of hybridism

    Hybridism, a term coined by psychologist John Money, is the tendency to feel attracted to individuals who have been shown to be inclined to hurt others. As an example, criminals, murderers and criminals in general can be considered a romantic or sexual target precisely because of their condition, to be outside the law.

    Thus, hibristophilia can be considered a type of paraphilia, since its existence can endanger the physical and mental integrity of people. In fact, the propensity to commit acts of domestic violence is significantly higher for criminals and criminals, which means that the risk is high.

      Examples of criminals and murderers with fans

      According to John Money, this phenomenon can occur in virtually any personality profile, but in practice it occurs more frequently in heterosexual women. This matches many of the most high-profile cases of hibristophilia, which involve high-risk killers and criminals who, while unable to conceal their guilt in the event of death, they had several admirers interested in them in a romantic sense.

      A few examples of hibristophilia can be found in the real “fan” phenomena that arose in the pursuit or imprisonment of murderers and criminals.

      1. Charles Manson

      Charles Manson, known to be involved in several murders and to have organized a sect, he had several lovers despite his gestures and his quirky personality.

      2. Ted Bundy

      Another similar case was that of Ted Bundy, a serial killer and responsible for the deaths of dozens of people who he even married an admirer after being sentenced and received a multitude of love letters in prison. Herds of different women.

        3. Josef Fritzl

        The so-called Amstetten monster he received love letters during his imprisonment, Although he was sentenced to lock up his daughter for 24 years, marry her and have several sons and daughters with her.

        What are its causes? Why is it given more in women?

        There is no definitive explanation that allows us to understand why there is hybristophilia. Although from an evolutionary perspective, we can consider that there are people with genes that lead them to seek a with the ability to subdue others by forceThis explanation leaves too many heads to tie. It has also been proposed that violent people tend to exhibit a combination of three personality traits considered attractive: the dark triad.

        On the contrary, it is possible to understand hybridophilia as the behaviorist perspective understands paraphilias in general. Having learned certain contingencies (association between stimuli and actions) can lead some people to become accustomed to seeing danger as a desirable personal trait. For example, due to the lack of a strong personality and authority during youth, which is seen as a missed opportunity to organize one’s life well.

        However, when it comes to explaining why hybridophilia occurs more in women, it cannot be overlooked as a concept of patriarchy, A system of authority and power at the top are always men. It is hypothesized that due to patriarchy, masculine characteristics are seen as something extremely desirable, and violence and subjugation of the rest are systematically expressed in these type of values.

        Thus, hibristophilia can be one of the consequences of what happens when the logics of patriarchy are learned “too well” and are brought to the last consequences: should the woman be submissive and accept the authority of the man with whom she forms a partner, it is better that he has the capacity to eliminate possible enemies, or to annihilate them.

          Is there a treatment?

          There is no specific treatment for hibristophilia, among other things because to date does not appear in diagnostic manuals as a mental disorder. In addition, it is not a paraphilia based on a very specific eroticizing element, such as heels or gloves. What produces the attraction is a bit more abstract, and therefore difficult to control in a clinical setting.

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