How do I know if I have an anxiety problem and when to seek help?

Many people live with anxiety issues and never seek help in order to defeat this disease of the 21st century.

There is a lot of information about anxiety, but few people or articles tell us when to seek counseling and what symptoms to look out for.

    How to recognize anxiety problems?

    I want to teach you first what are the symptoms of harmful anxiety; to do this, we have to keep in mind that we all experience anxiety, that it is one more emotion that is there and that it also helps us to be able to cope with everyday problems; it is, so to speak, something that helps us adapt to the environment. The problem arises when it increases dramatically and makes our daily tasks more difficult.

    Here I have collected a number of symptoms that are repeated in many patients that I treat and have treated.

    1. Pressure in throat / chest

    We don’t know why he’s coming, We probably went to our GP to ask and he told us what we have is anxiety, or in other cases he referred us to another specialist or even medicated us . In almost 95% of cases, it is a symptom of anxiety.

    2. Chronic fatigue

    You get up and you are tired, you eat and you are tired, the weekend is coming and you are tired. In the end your sleep is not deep and you need to rest better, but your head cannot disconnect, it is important to learn techniques to relax the muscles more and so the body disconnects more.

    3. No sound or intermittent sound

    This happens when you wake up several times during the night very nervous thinking about an idea / dream which of course makes you anxious. This dream is related to your obsessive thoughts or daily worries, maybe you are living with too much responsibility and these are reflected in your subconscious which is seen in night dreams.

    4. Impulsivity for food

    This usually happens a lot between patients wanting to eat non-stop during episodes of acute stress. They calm their nervousness by eating large amounts of unhealthy food.

    5. Lack of appetite

    The other extreme is also given. Lack of appetite also occurs in people with anxiety problems because they feel like they have a closed stomach.

    6. Gastrointestinal problems

    As simple as that when we are stressed our body generates cortisol, And this allows the stomach to defend itself by increasing the pain during contractions or by increasing the production of stomach acid.

      7. Headache

      It is very wide, because the lack of rest and nervousness cause us this disease.

      8. Logout

      The person who suffers from it focuses on their world and barely interacts with their surroundings, Thus suffering twice as much and feeling more and more that no one understands it.

      9. Explosiveness of character

      Something like “everything hurts me”. You usually feel like you are at least exploding and that no one understands you. This is very common because you have reached a point of maximum agitation where you cannot stand anyone saying anything to you.

      10. Concentration problems

      obviously having worries it’s harder for us to stay focused for long periods.

      11. Loss of hobbies

      It does not entertain you at all, your free time is based on sitting or watching TV. You feel like the syndrome of ‘have nothing to do’ and right now things come to your mind that you left halfway there.

      When should I ask for help?

      If you ask me if your problem has a solution, I have to tell you yes; the job on my part is to make you better by using the different techniques that I have studied which go hand in hand with the experience that I have acquired over the years with patients, and we must not forget that the work on your part is to get involved and follow the directions I give you.

      You must be clear that going to the psychologist is not a situation that should be given only in an emergency, but also as a prevention to avoid major ailments. When these symptoms start to weigh you down and you feel overwhelmed, it’s time to put yourself in the hands of a specialist..

      Why choose psychological treatment? It is important to be clear that this is not at all exclusive to pharmacological treatment, and that through good therapy we will be able to acquire mental skills to solve everyday problems that a pill cannot provide us May.

      Let’s start?

      My name is Javier Ares and I specialize in anxiety disorders in addition to couples therapy and depression intervention.

      My studies and years of experience in the treatment of this psychological pathology will make the treatment more effective.

      If you are looking for a therapy where you are an active part through practical exercises that I will put you between the sessions and avoid the charlotherapy do not hesitate to contact me.

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