How do I know if therapy is working for me?

Often we feel we need help, but we’re not sure going to therapy is the best option. We may not have a clear idea of ​​what it is like to go to psychological therapy. Alexis was in this situation.

Alexis had had the opportunity to grow in learning, in her level of decision-making and in the activities of the company she worked for until she took on the challenge of knowing how to manage her fears and her guilt over actions she considered mistakes on her part. past.

Alexis once had a heated argument with a classmate. He felt so confused that he noticed the possible resignation from his job.

Alexis enjoyed his activity, he felt fulfilled in what he was doing, but there were times when he felt such pressure because of the demands involved. attention to problems and situations, dealing with others and unresolved situations. His thoughts and emotions overwhelmed him in the form of stress or anxiety.

Growing through psychotherapy

Often we may face difficult situations, whether at work, in the family or in our personal life.

Alexis had the chance to turn things around a therapy session with a psychologist.

If, like Alexis, you’re considering seeing a psychologist, but aren’t sure if it will work for you, you can see here a summary of how psychotherapy will help you:

  • A therapeutic process will help you see the moment you are going through more clearly.
  • It is an opportunity to receive attention with understanding and without prejudice; with a particular focus on what is important to you.
  • You will identify alternatives to ease emotional pain and reduce suffering from things that are not easy to change.
  • It will facilitate your process of self-knowledge and understand your own emotions.
  • You will be able to identify and channel the thoughts and emotions that keep you from feeling good.
  • This will help boost your self-esteem as well as your confidence and self-confidence.
  • Therapy increases both your assertiveness and your ability to better deal with problems that may arise in the future.

Features of psychotherapy

Therapy is a process which, with well-guided work, will improve your ability to cope with the problems that life presents to you. When you go to therapy, the support you receive enables you to access conscious and thoughtful decisions. In short, you win your own battles.

What did Alexis discover after receiving therapeutic care? It was very gratifying for Alexis to realize that from the first session she felt changes that made her feel much better. Situations hadn’t completely changed yet, but Alexis didn’t see them the same way anymore. In addition, he started noticing that he had different options and above all, their ability to choose how to feel and how to resolve. Soon the situation began to change and he realized that this was happening because he was now living with more confidence and security.

Through a well-defined process, therapy helps to identify thoughts and emotions in order to better manage them.

Sometimes our emotions aren’t the easiest to deal with. Alexis was able to access the help of a professional, which he considers today as a real gift for his being and his achievement.

Although it takes time and practice to take action, going to therapy helps you from the first moment to manage your thoughts and emotions, to identify feelings and to modify erroneous beliefs, to find meaning , to learn more about your options so that when you need to you can work on what’s going on and find better solutions.

Soy Victor Fernando Perez LopezPsychotherapist with more than 15 years of experience and founder of ENDI Live Professional Consultation – Therapy and Coaching, with a presence in 3 countries.

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