How do you choose a good psychologist who offers psychotherapy?

If you are interested in psychotherapy services and do not have a lot of experience in this area, it is good to know a number of criteria that you can use to select the right psychotherapist.

After all, there are many myths about what psychotherapy is, which puts people who are not really trained to take care of patients at some risk, in which case they may even make the problem worse. Fortunately, there are some basic principles that help prevent such problems.

Therefore … How to choose a good psychologist to go to therapy?

    6 keys to knowing how to choose a good psychotherapist

    When you want to see a psychotherapy professional, check out these guidelines to choose the best possible way.

    1. Check your specialization

    Not all psychologists are professionally engaged in therapy. There are other branches of psychology that have little to do with patient care: marketing, education, human resources, research, etc. In each of them it is possible to work full time and exclusively as a psychologist.

    Therefore, it is important to pay attention not only to the fact that the professional we like to go to is dedicated to psychology, but also to ensure his specialization.

    2. Check that you are registered with the Official Order of Psychologists

    Psychotherapy is a form of intervention in patients which must follow a series of principles and rules, falling within the field of health. For that, it is important to verify that the person we value is collegial: Schools regulate the activity of professionals.

    3. Make sure your work is science-based

    Psychotherapy is an applied science, that is, its methods and tools are based on scientific knowledge. Therefore, all psychologists are required to use scientifically validated therapiesThis implies that its positive effects on patients have been proven through a series of researches over the years.

    Therefore, the fact that a psychologist expresses himself in esoteric terms or calls upon supernatural entities to explain the human spirit and our behavior, is a red flag which must lead to his dismissal; it is one thing that consciousness and subjectivity are part of the field of study of psychology, and another to understand them practically as if they were magical elements, disconnected from the human body and from matter in it. general.

    Likewise, combining psychotherapy with pseudoscientific or esoteric practices like tarot or homeopathy is also a powerful reason for choosing another professional.

    4. If the professional is very specialized, do not worry

    The fact that a psychologist specializes in a very specific area of ​​psychological well-being is not in itself a reason to exclude it, nor does it imply that he is a worse professional. simply determine if the problem you wish to treat in therapy corresponds to the training of this professional.

    For example, if you are looking for help to overcome agoraphobia, nothing happens if the psychologist you are visiting has no experience in pediatrics or couples therapy, as long as you have it in the intervention in the anxiety disorders.

    5. The psychologist must not offer friendship

    A person who claims to offer psychotherapy and at the same time offers to establish a friendly relationship with the patient, is probably not qualified to practice this profession.

    The therapeutic relationship is clearly professionalAnd while patients speak openly and honestly about their problems, and psychologists can offer empathy and even brief moments of relaxed conversation, the goal is clear: to provide service geared towards achieving specific goals.

      6. Offer specific goals

      In each psychotherapeutic process, there is a first phase of patient assessment. which takes place just before the start of the actual intervention. In this, psychologists seek to understand the characteristics of the problem encountered by the person who comes to them, as well as their background and life and characteristics as an individual.

      At the end of this phase, before starting the treatment phase, it is important that the professional proposes specific objectives that are easy to objectify. This way there will be a clear reference at all times that will show whether there is progress or not, and which will mark when it is time to end therapy.

      Note that the process of psychotherapy cannot be indefinite, Should last a few months or weeks. It is only in certain cases of chronic and severe diseases that it will be necessary to make visits over the years, but in these cases they are much more spaced than those of a psychotherapeutic intervention in use, since they are used to monitor.

      If after the first contact sessions the psychologist suggests that the therapy will last for years or be something for life on a weekly basis, it is advisable to change the psychotherapist.

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