How do you defeat this person?

Have you ever met someone you fell in love with and considered very special to you, but you have not had the opportunity to start a relationship?

Or, on the contrary, you had it, but this person decided to end it?

The challenge of overcoming the person you fell in love with

When we go through a situation like this, breaking up with that person becomes something very painful. Some people even feel physical pain, very intense pressure in the chest or a lump in the throat that does not allow them to utter a word. Looping thoughts are always the same“What did I do wrong?”, “Why don’t you call me?”, “Why am I no longer interested?”, “How can I win him back?”

To these questions is added the need for our mind to fight the pain we feel when we think that this person no longer wants us by his side, to find a moment in the day to be able to draw and fantasize about a scenario different. A scenario in which this person comes back, tells us that he has realized that we are very important and asks us for an opportunity.

In this sense, our mind tries to find the balance to survive the negative emotions we feel throughout the day. After all it’s not nice waking up every day thinking about that person, what we had and what we no longer have.

This fancy moment usually happens when we fall asleep. We start our dream with a nice situation that helps us rest, but that only feeds the loop you’re stuck in and doesn’t allow you to move forward. Why? Because when we wake up the next day and find that what we would like is not happening, the pain, the frustration and the shock of reality are more painful.

Tips to remember

What can we do about it to get over the breakup as soon as possible?

1. Think about this person negatively

When we are in love, we tend to idealize the person we want to conquer. Their flaws and the things we dislike go unnoticed, becoming able to accept whatever it takes to get their love.

Come down to reality. Stop thinking about all the good things you’ve been through or that he’s said to you. Focus on what you didn’t like, what bothered you, or what made you feel bad. Focus on what’s not giving you in the present moment. Do you really think he’s the love of your life? Everything he brought you was so important that you invest time and pain in wanting to recover it?

2. Stop monitoring your social networks

Stop following their stories and posts, then you’ll never get out of your mind!

3. Don’t post every minute of your life to get their attention or wait for a reaction

Anyone who wants to know about you and how you are, will write to you no need to respond to a story or post you make on social media. If he thinks of you, he will look for you.

4. Activate your social life

If you look around you will realize that you have many people ready to appreciate you and devote their time to making you smile. Take advantage of these friends, family or colleagues, who are present in your daily life, to make plans and activities that allow you to distract yourself and appreciate the beautiful things that life has in store for you.

5. Talk about it if you need to but without it becoming the center of your conversations

Lots of people need to vent and share their worries. It’s very healthy if it helps you release tension and clear your mind of so many looping thoughts.

Some find answers or other ways of seeing the situation thanks to the feedback received from others, but Your grief should not become the center of conversation at your social gatherings. Without realizing it, you will always be thinking and talking about the same thing. We subconsciously feed something that we have to eliminate from our thinking.

6. Physically distance yourself from this person.

Do not initiate encounters or frequent places where you know you will find him. Do not be mistaken. You know where you can find this person, and if they’ve already shown you they’re not interested in you, don’t initiate encounters that will only hurt you even more.

When there is pain, something is not right. When there is no interest, there are no signs. Asking ourselves hundreds of questions will only serve to fuel our anxiety. We don’t have the answers, only the facts. And you know well, that when we want to know something about someone, we hone our ingenuity to get in touch with that person. We are able to move heaven and earth to find it. If someone is looking for you, they will find you, but stop wanting to go to that place where no one is waiting for you. Love yourself, value yourself and you will find what you deserve without having to suffer to get it.

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