How do you know when to choose online psychotherapy?

In a relatively short time, online therapy has become a necessary tool in therapeutic care that has benefits for both patients and psychologists.

Of course, this does not mean that the typical visit to the psychotherapy center has to go away; after all, in many cases people prefer to be able to be in the same room as the professional, without having to use an electronic device. However, there are times when the advantages of online mode are particularly noticeable and opting is the most suitable option. In this article, we will focus on this topic: in which situations it clearly compensates for the use of online psychotherapy.

    What is online psychotherapy?

    Let’s start with the basics: clarify what psychotherapy is online. It is a psychotherapeutic intervention service that is produced without having to be face to face in the same room with the psychologist, thanks to the use of electronic devices and communication applications, which allow you to communicate in real time.

    Additionally, the effectiveness of online therapy can be just as useful as face-to-face therapy, and it can be applied to treat almost all common problems in consultationExcept in certain exceptions where this type of therapy is not recommended.

    It is true that aspects such as warmth, closeness and non-verbal language are also lost, but direct availability, availability and immediacy are acquired to help patients immediately in any situation where it is needed. Therefore, it is recommended, whenever possible, to combine online sessions with some face-to-face sessions.

    When should you choose online therapy?

    This is a summary of the cases in which online psychotherapy is becoming the preferred form of therapy due to its functionality. Of course, none of these are decisive at all, but these ideas can serve as a guide for choosing remote or face-to-face counseling.

    1. If you are looking for even more discretion

    Although going to psychotherapy is very normal these days, some people still experience some embarrassment that others know that she is going to see the psychologist, Even if no disorder is treated (for example, in cases where the problem is discussions with the partner or low self-esteem).

      2. If you cannot move

      There are many situations in which those who need psychotherapy cannot leave the house for a long time, or it is very bad to have to move. This is the case for some patients with reduced mobility, or those who have young children to take care of, or those who must go through a period of quarantine, as recent episodes such as the pandemic have shown us. coronavirus.

      Fortunately, online therapy replaces these limitations: If there is an Internet connection with a minimum of stability in the data transmission, there is the possibility of having video call sessions with the psychotherapist.

      3. If you have a busy schedule

      Another case where online therapy is the most recommended modality is when there is hardly any time between work and family or household responsibilities. How online psychotherapy eliminates transfer time to the psychology center and it doesn’t require us to be in a particular place at any given time (As long as we have quiet places, with privacy and an internet connection), it is much easier to fit these sessions into our schedule.

      4. If you travel often

      One of the most important aspects of any therapeutic process is persistence and commitment to our own improvement. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent travel from breaking the dynamic of going to psychotherapy always with the recommended periodicity. This will not only make it easier to achieve the goals set during the first sessions in the shortest possible time, but also we will maximize the chances that as patients we will not end up throwing in the towel and stopping going to the psychologist.

      5. If you don’t feel safe

      Another case where it makes sense to choose therapy online is when, as patients, we feel insecure, if not a little intimidated, about going into psychotherapy for the first time. Indeed, to be able to count on the help of the psychologist without having to leave an environment which is familiar to us and in which we feel comfortable, we are less likely to feel anxiety during the first or two sessions.

      Are you interested in having psychotherapy sessions online?

      If you have decided to undergo therapy online, whatever the problem, we invite you to contact our team of psychotherapists. Fr see Awake we have several centers open in several cities of the Community of Madrid and we have been receiving people of all ages in consultation for many years, but beyond the face-to-face care with patients, we also have a powerful service psychological therapy online. To see more information about our psychological care clinic, click on this link.

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