How Do You Know When To Go For Online Therapy?

It is now increasingly common for many people to initiate psychological therapy electronically using an electronic device connected to the Internet.

The level of sophistication achieved by technology increasingly standardizes this form of remote psychological therapy; Faced with this, many people wonder if this may be the most suitable form of psychological support for what they need, or if it is better to attend face-to-face sessions with the psychologist.

For all those people who are considering starting an online psychological therapy process and are hesitant to know if it is what they are looking for, in this article we will see the main characteristics of each of the two modalities (distance and face-to-face). ) face) and the main reasons why it may be worth opting for the option that is currently less well known to most people, that of online therapy.

    How do you know when to go for online therapy is the best option?

    I have already pointed out that online therapy is, compared to face-to-face therapy, the lesser known form of psychological intervention. However, this is only true at the popular level; among psychologists, this modality has gained popularity in recent years, And for good reason, as we’ll see.

    Online therapy, as the name suggests, is one in which the complainant and the therapist contact each other through a telematic means of communication, usually by video call.

    In contrast, face-to-face therapy is the classic modality consisting of a session in which the complainant and the therapist meet face to face in the same physical space, and in which the therapist can control the physical characteristics of the patient. the environment at will. at any time (temperature, lighting, sound, decoration, etc.).

    Why Choose Online Therapy?

    There are many reasons for choosing online therapy over face to face mode. Here is a summary of the main advantages that lead to many options for opting for this modality.

    1. Comfort

    It is clear that the therapy which is done at a distance and without leaving home, will almost always be more comfortable than the therapy in which one passes to the physical consultation of the therapist.

    So, one of the strengths of choosing online therapy is the fact that by using it, we will not waste time traveling to the professional’s therapy centerWe also will not run as much of a risk of arriving late, so that the applicant and the psychotherapist will save time without wasting any incident that may arise.

    2. Reduced expenses

    Another advantage that emerges from the first is that not having to travel also means considerable economic savings for the person requesting the therapy service, mainly in transport costs.

    3. Goodbye geographic limitations

    Telematic therapy will allow the interested person to be treated choose the professional of your choice regardless of your physical location, And even perform therapy if one of them is in another city and even in another country.

    Likewise, any therapist will be able to offer his professional services online to a much larger portfolio of clients than if he did so conventionally in a private practice.

      4. Anonymity

      For many people, it is important that online therapy offers a greater degree of anonymity or discretion for the consultant. Some people oppose the idea of ​​entering the psychotherapy premises, although they are less and less so., Due to the fact that psychological care services have become very standardized in recent decades.

      The fact that we don’t need to be in a waiting room, and only the therapist knows who we are and what our problem is, can also be a benefit for many people to consider over therapy. traditional.

      5. Choice of environment

      The fact that the person can choose the species in which they will be located to begin the consultation will also have a positive impact on the patient’s therapeutic process, because being in a personal and family space is likely to reassure him.

      The control that the applicant can have over the physical environment in which he decides to begin therapy may be another advantage to consider for anyone interested in this modality.

      Thus, initiating video call therapy may be the best way for a patient with these types of issues to gradually learn to communicate with another person through the display. stay in a place where they feel safe and which gives them a certain familiarity.

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