How does online psychotherapy work?

Online psychology research has shown that the effectiveness of treatments is at least equal to the results shown by psychotherapies performed in person.

We know that for psychotherapy to be effective, a proper relationship between the psychologist and the person seeking their services is absolutely essential. This patient-psychologist interaction, thanks to progress in communication, this can happen not only in person but also remotely.

Obviously, the most important parts of effective communication are the verbalizations (what we say and hear) and the visual information (what we see) that we receive. Using videoconferencing as a means or a means of doing psychotherapy is helpful.

Having said that, we can say that online psychology is a suitable means of communication between psychologist and patient, As it provides us with the necessary verbal and visual interaction. Let’s take a closer look at how online psychology can help patients.

    What is a videoconference?

    A videoconference is the communication that takes place simultaneously and two-way in a virtual environment, with visual and auditory information, between people who are in different places. Outraged, offers the possibility of having different digital tools; how to send videos, pictures, files, audios, links etc.

    What is crucial about videoconferencing is the possibility it gives you to accessibility to ideal communicationAs they allow you to send and receive visual and audio information between different sites. This creates the possibility that the patient can avoid the costs and the loss of time associated with the transfer to the consultation of the psychologist.

    These benefits that I just mentioned have made online psychotherapy the area of ​​greatest growth in psychology therapy. So, in our consultation, we can see that between 40% and 50% of our psychotherapeutic work is currently online.

      What does videoconferencing bring to online psychology?

      With the above, you will understand that online videoconferencing psychology has become one of the fundamental tools for the professional development of the psychologist.

      You should know that for a psychotherapy session what is fundamentally necessary is the communication between the therapist and the patient. To be effective, this interaction must take place in a relaxed, calm, undisturbed manner, in a warm, safe and confident climate. If the psychologist and his patient are successful, the therapy will be very similar to face-to-face psychotherapy.

      How does online psychotherapy work

      Online psychotherapy consists of offering you psychotherapeutic tools so that you can achieve psychological improvement, with the particularity that these tools we will send them to you online, from the Internet. So that you understand me more clearly, we will facilitate the psychological therapy that we offer during the face to face consultation, with the difference that the way you interact with your psychologist is not done in person, but by video conference.

      In online psychology, there are many tools that can help us: email, phone, chat, video conferencing … but if there is one element that brings all the properties together in one: video conferencing. Having the possibility of digital communication over the Internet allows us to conduct therapy in a way that the psychologist and the patient they can interact by seeing each other, listening to each other, talking to each other, writing, Sharing documents and images, etc.

      For now, we can say that video conferencing is a very important way to bring people together. It is used, for professional reasons to connect with other colleagues, at work meetings, when people are expatriates and / or far from their families and friends, it is used by those who have their partner in a place distant. And of course also how could it be otherwise it will serve us in the field of online psychology, so that the psychologist and the patient can perform psychotherapy sessions.

      How does the email targeting query work?

      This modality is intended for people who need the professional advice of a psychologist on something that worries them or on a one-off problem. If it is not treated in this way, it is very likely that the consultation will not take place.

      What is offered is evaluate and answer questions sent by the person in a completely individual way. What should be clear is that the answer is counseling and does not in itself involve psychotherapeutic treatment.

      With online psychology, you can access the best psychologists around the world, directly and without waiting or unnecessary travel, through online consultation and psychotherapy.

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