How to accept yourself to be happy, in 6 keys

You are the most important person you will meet in your life. For this reason, the central axis of your well-being is the inner balance that comes from accepting lovingly embracing your own essence.

Over time, you maintain constant social connections, but remember that you also have a regular inner dialogue. When your inner dialogue is tainted with guilt, complaints, and blame, then you are limiting your potential for happiness.

On the contrary, when you encourage a kind tone and pleasant words in that inner conversation that accompanies you, you start to nurture your self-esteem with acceptance. Accepting yourself does not only mean valuing your body as it is, but also accepting your past out of gratitude which lets you know that thanks to the path you have taken, today you are a wiser person. To accept is to take responsibility for your mistakes and your successes as responsible for your life.

To accept is to embrace that childish part that beats in your heart in the form of childhood memories that linger in your memory.

    Acceptance helps you grow as a person

    It is only possible to be truly happy away from any perfectionism syndrome that chains you to the eternal frustration of fail to live up to these demanding expectations that you put on your shoulders. In other words, you are not a machine, but a person with virtues, but also with limits.

    agreed do not confuse acceptance and conformity to believe that since you already are in a certain way, you cannot change your character at a certain age. As a human being, you have the potential for personal growth. However, any change implies a prior decision.

    It is natural that there are certain parts of your body that you like the most, that you feel a greater satisfaction for certain characteristics of the way you are. But appreciating the positive doesn’t mean censoring what you like the least, as anything that you repress tends to crop up more strongly in the form of inner frustration and anger.

      Lack of acceptance and its consequences

      These examples are used to visualize how a person can boycott their good luck. For example, in the case of a person who finds it difficult to accept the praise and flowers they receive from their surroundings, just because their level of self-esteem is low, they respond with skepticism to these outside messages. .

      Or also the case of this person who feel enormous emotional distress at external criticism because he tends to give more value to the opinions of others than to what he thinks of himself. Lack of acceptance can also manifest itself in a feeling of inferiority which places the person in their relationships with others in a position of inequality.

      Lack of acceptance can also be a symptom of a lack of maturity, By having a totally distorted view of life, by aspiring to constant enjoyment.

        How to accept yourself? Guidelines to follow

        Why is this acceptance so important? Because when you don’t want yourself the way you deserve, you turn your back on your own heart.

        How do you start to love? To accept is to increase self-love. How to achieve this goal of psychology?:

        1. Gain freedom to learn to say no

        In other words, that is to say it is very important that you defend your personal rights from assertiveness to setting your own limits against anyone who violates your space.

        2. There is a constant link between what you fear most and what you desire most.

        Therefore, notice what’s on the other side of fear. And connect with that goal to fight for what matters to you, getting out of your comfort zone.

        3. Observe your personal history objectively

        Don’t just focus on your mistakes. Celebrate and remember your personal accomplishments and successes.

        4. Don’t judge your past decisions harshly.

        Try to understand that you made these decisions in a different context and with a different outlook on life than you have today. Experience has taught you new things.

        5. You are a unique person

        Therefore, live as the protagonist of a story in which you believe your good luck stems from the consistency between thought, feeling, and action.

        6. Educate your talent

        Even if you have a special talent for a particular activity, it is very important that you nurture this talent with training to really empower them.

          Self-acceptance therapy

          If you are going through a period of insecurity, the help of an online psychologist can give you the emotional strength to elevate your personal empowerment in order to project yourself in the direction of your happiness. And inner acceptance is always at the heart of happiness, in all of its forms and circumstances. Because only you can know as much as knowing what you want, what is important to you and what you want to prioritize in this adventure of existence that engages you as the protagonist.

          In short, therapy can help you maintain a positive inner balance.

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