How to deal with anxiety during the holidays after childbirth

With the arrival of good weather and the summer months, an important motivation to prepare and enjoy the holidays usually emerges.

Destination search, plan organization and luggage preparation has never been more uncertain than this year. On the one hand, it is likely that the confinement left a greater need to enjoy the lost freedom during these months, but on the other hand, it is reasonable that emotionally we are not at 100. % and that we never have any fears or worries.

Just as during the forties we continually felt the number of new contagions or the time left to achieve the desired flattening of the curve, now a new word is part of our days and can greatly affect the angst of people. holidays: the “regrowth”.

Therefore we would like to explain a series of tips that will make this break a few days of real rest, keeping worries under control.

    Vacation tips in the new postpartum normal

    Follow these guidelines to improve your emotional balance when it comes to using anxiety during the holidays after childbirth.

    1. Don’t fall for the continuous comparison with other vacations

    Just as it does not make sense to compare this year’s Easter with the previous one, along with the summer holidays, it is essential to follow the same line. Only in this direction we can adapt expectations to reality and avoid feelings of frustration if the situation is not what we imagined.

    If we fail to avoid this confrontation between the holidays, then all factors will have to come into play and therefore the comparison must also include all the limitations and deprivations of liberty that we have experienced during these months. Thus, we will be aware that we may not be facing the dream breaking but we will appreciate that it is more than we could have imagined lately.

    2. Encourage everyone who travels to get along

    In order to avoid tense situations during the holidays, it will be essential to agree on a series of points that promote effective organization. This, which is to be expected no matter what time we live, acquires particular importance in trips with children where life after childbirth generates more important changes that must be anticipated..

    Although the children assumed with a certain naturalness the fact that the previous freedom was gradually recovered and even the use of the mask or new hygiene habits, it must be explained that it is necessary to continue to respect the preventive measures and warn them of these restrictions which will mean changes in their usual way of enjoying the vacations.

    Adults, with more developed emotional management, often find it difficult to assume it; therefore the little ones need clear orders and some flexibility with new situations for them.

      3. Accept your new concerns

      Has it ever been a problem to board a plane and now you are afraid to anticipate the situation? Are you afraid of crowds on the beach when at another time you wouldn’t even have thought of it? Do you think that the need for control over the observance of the precautions of others overwhelms you? If an answer is yes, you don’t have to worry, is among the emotional side effects the coronavirus has left behind.

      Not forcing yourself to be well is the main step to be able to enjoy it, you have to be patient with yourself and understand that these worries appear after a period of great stress.

      If at the level of health everything continues to evolve in a positive way, the stress will disappear and the body will no longer be in a situation of alarm. to respond to the threat. The best ally will be time, but if you think the interference in your usual life is important, be sure to seek the help of a professional psychologist.

      4. Don’t force yourself if you think it’s not the right time.

      It is July, it is hot and your vacation is organized in your surroundings, but if you feel that you are not ready or ready to travel or that you will not be able to disconnect sufficiently put aside social pressure and listen to yourself. Each person has their own deadlines and level of concern and, of course, there is no proven, effective model for emotionally recovering and preparing for a summer after childbirth.

      Traveling with the pressure which is a fun time when you are unable to disconnect from what has been experienced will have the opposite effect, and may produce in you a greater sense of disappointment. Start by normalizing your outings in your usual surroundings and remember that your destination will stay here when you feel better..

      5. Choose the plan that makes you feel more secure

      The holiday offer has also undergone changes after the lockdown by placing international tourism as a secondary option and prioritizing alternatives such as caravan trips or stays in rural homes in the interior of the country. The criterion that should have more weight in this decision is the security you feel in each of the possibilities..

      You have to remember that if your emotional situation is starting to involve limitations in your daily life or is at a lower level than you would like, the help of professional psychologists will be crucial for you to regain your previous level of well-being.

      In this sense, distance or vacation time is not an issue, as online therapy allows you to communicate with a professional in person. TherapyChat is the leading online psychology platform and the experience of its psychologists can be of great help to you.

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