How to hit rock bottom and get stronger

Have you ever felt like you were about to hit rock bottom? That nothing makes sense or that you’re about to explode and not endure anymore?

In this article, I’ll explain what it means to touch emotionally and how to come out stronger.

When we’re having a bad time

Most of us have gone through a time in our lives where we felt like we were falling we descend without being able to avoid it through a bottomless abyss; in situations like this, we are terrified of making it to the end, of hitting rock bottom and not knowing if we can get through it, if we will have a way out or if we will have the strength to try to overcome the situation.

These situations are accompanied by a lot of anxieties, a strong feeling that we have no control over anything and that we chain misfortunes and disappointments.

It is not uncommon for someone to consult a psychologist to explain these situations and ask for help to get out of them. Faced with that, it’s not so important if what brought you down was your decisions or not knowing how to react to events in your life, and it’s accepting that you’ve hit rock bottom and from there, reflect on your current situation and seek.

As we fall, the fear, the prejudices, the emotional wear and tear are so strong that we see no choice but to try again and again to hold on to anything, and everything seems better than hitting rock bottom.

It happens that, in these situations, the best thing that can happen to you is precisely what scares you the most. Touch down. Let me explain why.

An apparent paradox

When you fall, you suffer from the situations you live because you don’t know how you were dragged into them, for not having found solutions, or for the attempts that were frustrating on several occasions and did not help you… Corn when you hit rock bottom and recognize yourself there, you get a different perspective.

When falling, you feel dizzy as you move away from the exit; from below you gain the peace of mind of knowing that you have already fallen, that you cannot fall anymore and that you have the option of staying there or thinking about how to get out. Only when you really hit bottom can you climb.

These are two equally valid options. In fact, neither of them guarantees that you will stop suffering or that these situations will not happen again, but only the second implies become aware of your real situation and the decision and commitment to get out of it and take everything in hand. That’s when we start realizing everything in our hands to get back up and not fall back, and that’s where we focus.

The problem, seen from the therapy

When I am in a session and a patient picks up this fall for me, we recreate it, experience this situation of powerlessness and invite him to stay there as long as necessary. This kind of process helps us accept ourselves, understand how we got here, and forgive ourselves.

It is then that the patient realizes that hitting rock bottom is not the worst thing that can happen, the worst thing is to do it and not understand what this situation means for us.

It is a stage of mourning in which, if we decide to go through it, we can emerge strengthened and with the strength and conviction necessary to begin the ascent.

No climb is easy and sometimes you step back a few meters but that is part of learning and each time you gain momentum you make it stronger and more confident.

It is very difficult to make significant and lasting changes without touching the bottom, we condemn ourselves to deceive ourselves by thinking that it has already happened, that it is a sequence, that the “patch” worked… And it’s easier for us to calm down and apologize than to take the reins of the problems. And problems end up dragging us down.

Psychologists work on this symbolism and accompany him in the fall. The “darkness” of knowing that you can no longer descend allows you to put your feet on the ground and from there decide how and when you want to gain momentum and start climbing. You feel frustration, anger, anger, and all the emotions that come over you and overwhelm you. We give you the space to feel them and let them flow, until they disappear and you feel free and determined to climb, without burdens or false assessments or expectations.

How far you go will be up to you, your responsibility, and your desire to transform and change things to be where you want to be.

We’ll be stopping on this climb often, so you can look down and see all you’ve climbed and how you’ve learned to hold on, to take pleasure in acknowledging the steps you have takento look again and decide on the next steps and how to reach that pinnacle, that end of the tunnel that is your goal.

You can overcome it and achieve it. Once you decide to ascend, the most important change has already been made and is within you.

As a conclusion…

We all have the right to hit rock bottom and all horizons have an end. When you go down, when you hit rock bottom, and when you go up, I’m with you.

“Deep inside me became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” (JK Rowling).

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