How to improve your health through emotional management

Every second day we feel emotions. We are emotional beings and that is why we are constantly excited.

Your emotions then affect you not only in your mood, but also in your behavior, your decisions, your interpretations, your points of view., In the way you communicate, in the way you connect … and yes, also in your health. How are emotions related to your health? And above all, how to improve your health by managing emotions?

Today, at a time when we are living through the coronavirus crisis, we are facing the first global pandemic at a time when we are constantly exposed to information (which also affects us emotionally), and which affects our health at the same time. directly., If we contract the virus, such as indirectly, due to the way we understand and deal with fear, panic, news or semi-containment.

As a psychologist and coach, I accompany people in the process of change and I know from experience that whatever the personal or professional situation, working with emotions is always a necessary step. Therefore, here I will tell you how emotions relate to health and, above all, how can you start to improve your well-being (instead of getting worse) precisely through your emotional management.

The impact of emotions on your immune system

Everything that happens to you, you interpret, you decide, etc., depends on your emotional state. All the emotions we feel are actually positive and necessary because they have a specific function.. Fear, for example, helps us protect our lives. The problem is not the fear itself, but the way we understand and deal with our fears and insecurities, as well as how we perceive how many fears we have, what they lead us to, if they help us live. the life you deserve, or if we cripple.

In this pandemic, we have known many fears: fear of infection, of trust, fear of the behavior of others, of the economy, etc.. We have been exposed to a disproportionate amount of information (and even an increasing number of deaths) totally discouraged by psychology, not only because of the psychological impact and discomfort they can cause, but also because that they produce an effect. Pernicious for your own health.

Every emotion that you feel involves a segregation of hormones and chemicals in your body, because the main mission of the emotion is to give you information about yourself, about what you are interpreting what is going on, and most importantly. to mobilize you towards action or flight. Feeling fear, anger, insecurity, adrenaline, excitement, sadness, joy, confidence or peace, is necessary and helps you to know yourself and to grow..

The long-term effects of painful emotions

But … what are the effects if we live too long in fear, insecurity and anxiety?

When we feel anger, stress or fear, we secrete a hormone called cortisol, which helps us vasodilate, among other functions. Studies have confirmed that a minute of suppressed anger can cause the release of so much cortisol that it stays in the blood for up to 48 hours.

Cortisol in these amounts can cause rashes, irritation, bad mood, difficulty falling asleep and most importantly it weakens the capacity of our immune system, Making us weaker against infections, infections, fatigue. Likewise, feelings of peace and quiet have been associated with the hormone DHEA, which increases the efficiency of the immune system, improves the antioxidant capacity of cells, skin, and the functioning of the circulation.

What to do?

If emotions cause all of this, the solution is not to stop feeling fear, anger or insecurity, but to learn to understand and deal with it through a process of change that improves not only your health, but also your life, relationships and experiences. It is also particularly useful for approaching professional life in a more positive and focused manner.

If this is what you want to achieve, I make you a very special proposal: in you have the possibility to plan a free first exploratory session to start with this process or even to take a free first step with Emociona’t , an emotion management program.

In this period of quarantine and in the rest of your life: take care of yourself, generate health, have emotions by your side (Rather than against you), improve your personal relationships, educate yourself with awareness and curiosity, and above all, do not watch too much television … Your health will thank you.

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