How to Start Using Your Cell Phone Less and Paying More Attention to Your Surroundings

There’s no denying that cell phones have managed to become one of the most versatile items we own and use on a regular basis; If a few decades ago they had told us that these electronic devices would end up being some sort of miniature computer with a built-in video camera, we certainly wouldn’t have believed them.

However, this also has its drawbacks, especially since various apps and digital platforms have become very good at providing us with a constant bombardment of content that matches our tastes and interests. This is why many people ask themselves the following question: How do you start using the cell phone less and paying more attention to what life has to offer? In fact, there are those who perceive their problem as an addiction.

Currently, more and more people are realizing that they are overusing their cellphones on a daily basis and they are offering to reduce the use of cellphone in their daily life in order to live a more mindful life. and to focus on the stimuli that give us that they come from the physical world, the one with which we interact more authentically.

Tips for using your smartphone less and paying attention to your surroundings

If you too want to make this lifestyle change a reality, here are the top tips you can follow to start using your cell phone less and start paying more attention to your surroundings.

1. Include activities designed to be mobile-friendly in your schedule

The first thing we must learn to achieve less cell phone use is that we should control the technology, not the other way around. This means that, whenever we have doubts about our ability to control the need to manipulate the mobile, we must try to do all kinds of leisure activities that make it easier for us; instead of focusing on suppressing the desire to stare at our smartphone screen in search of something that the digital world can offer us, it is better to focus on carrying out other activities that, while being motivating , are incompatible with looking at the mobile phone.

For example, if you notice that when you go to the gym you have a hard time resisting the urge to use your mobile while exercising on the stationary bike, change that exercise to the elliptical, which will occupy your hands. If you’ve noticed that you spend most of your free time in bed using WhatsApp, include hobbies in your schedule that require you to focus on something else: painting on a canvas, restoring old furniture in your home, go for a run, etc.

Some of the plans we can do without the cell phone are: exercise, read, go to the movies, go out with friends, go for a walk, exercise, go out to dinner or go on excursions.

2. Occasionally leave your cell phone at home

Occasionally leave your mobile phone at home, as long as you are not expecting an urgent call or message either it will help you see that living without being glued to the smartphone is possible.

It is likely that the first days it will be difficult for you to leave it at home, due to the need that we have developed to have the mobile constantly with us; however, this process is part of a normal “disengagement” process.

3. Leave the mobile to another person you are looking for

Leaving the cell phone to a friend, family member, or trusted partner is also one of the tests you can do to find out if you were able to disconnect from the phone for a few hours.

Being without this device for a few hours, knowing that another person has it, will allow us to live life to the full for several hours and focus more on the real world around us, and at the same time we ensure that if we are informed of an emergency, we will be available.

4. Improve your social life based on face-to-face meetings

The best way to forget mobile is to focus our attention on other things and social life can be one of the great mediums we rely on to shed the shackles of mobile technology.

Go out on the street and hang out with other people forgetting the tyranny of screens It will make us calmer, calmer and allow us to enjoy a better quality of life.

5. Call instead of write

Starting to call instead of writing via instant messaging will allow us to reduce the time of connection to the mobile and will also serve to communications are shorter and smoothermoving us away from the dreaded FOMO generated while waiting for someone to respond.

Although it may seem tiring or exhausting, getting into the habit of calling to say directly what we want to share will help us become less and less dependent on mobile.

6. Disable Notifications

In this time of change, it is also time to consider disabling mobile phone notifications, especially accessories that are not so importantjust like those of the social networks that we use little or other applications.

This will help us be much calmer and save us from having to wait all the time when our mobile device rings.

7. Eliminate unnecessary apps

Deleting unnecessary apps that we don’t need will also help us to minimize the number of distractions that our device can have.

The ideal is to leave the mobile without any accessory application that can waste our excess time, such as photo, game, leisure or photo applications. All this will give us free time to enjoy our life in the real world.

8. Find alternative devices

If we use the mobile to listen to music, read books or play video games, it may be a good idea to “assign” these tasks to other productssuch as an electronic or paper book reader, a classic video console, a connected watch, etc.

9. Use night mode

When sleeping, it is important to avoid contact with the mobile phone and in general all types of electronic devices that can wake us up or disturb us.

This is why it is very important to activate night mode before going to sleep. so that no noise of notifications or calls can disturb us during sleep.

10. Put away your mobile when you work

When we are working or performing an important activity that requires our full attention, it is important to put the phone away as much as possible and lay it face down. This applies to both work and study, during a business meeting or any type of important project.

11. I propose personal challenges

Meeting personal challenges on disconnecting with the mobile phone will allow us to surpass ourselves and break your own time record without looking at the mobile.

For example, we can offer to be 3 or 4 hours without watching it and the next day increase our rating.

12. Turn off your work mobile at the end of your day

At the end of our work or going to dinner, we can turn off our mobile phone and devote the rest of the day to enjoying a moment of calm alone or with family.

This is important for adults, teenagers and young children.

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