Hylé psychology consultation: psychotherapy adapted to the real problem

Hylé Consulta de Psicologia was born in 2013 in the heart of the Sagrada Família district of Barcelona from the hand of its founder, Alejandro García Alamán, with the aim of offering professional therapeutic support to all those who find themselves in a complicated situation or who wish to improve their psychological and emotional well-being.

Hylé is an approved health center, dedicated to offering the best guarantees of professionalism, proximity, warmth and commitment to psychotherapeutic work being its main signs of identity.

    Hylé’s work philosophy Psychology consultation

    Currently, hylé Consulta de Psicologia has a team of psychologists with diversified training able to cover multiple areas of intervention, ranging from sexology and relationships to interventions with psychological trauma or coaching in the field of health, professional or staff.

    Although each therapeutic process is unique, the work philosophy that characterizes hylé Psychologie Consultation is part of humanistic psychology, with particular emphasis on the link between the professional and the person, As well as in the use of empirically validated methods.

    Therapy is directed from this link to a process of correct problem definition; From that moment on, new solutions are explored and tested, much like problem solving methods. Finally, in this psychotherapy center, it is assumed that a good follow-up is essential to check that the changes made are solidly consolidated.

    How does Hyle work?

    The hyle team is coordinated to analyze the needs of patients and select the most appropriate psychologist in each case based on their particular characteristics, preferences and availability.

    The work is based on Rogerian attitudes (widespread in the profession, regardless of the theoretical framework) of unconditional acceptance, empathy and authenticity, creating the right environment for each person to build their own tools, goals and strategies. of change. And it is that in hyle they embrace belief every human being has the potential to overcome their problems by finding creative and personalized alternatives.

    The concept of hyle psychology covers not only the individual situation of the patient, but also deals with the social and relational context in which his integral development takes place, and for this reason the intervention is oriented to achieve the maximum degree of adaptation. and personal growth possible.

    Beyond therapy

    Hylé Psychology Consultation not only offers psychotherapy services, but its forms of care go beyond the treatment and support of patients. These are other common areas of work.

    1. Sexology and couples therapy

    Relationships are one of the key areas of hyle’s work. The enormous complexity and diversity of human sexuality and intimate relationships require an approach from an open, respectful and understanding perspective regardless of age, history, situation or orientation of sexual desire.

    In couples therapy, particular care is taken to accept all points of view and perceived problems, without valuing one above the other. The method followed is aligned with the most recent data and takes into account attention to individual needs as well as relationship dynamics.

    The goal is to improve the well-being of all members of the couple, in the way they deem most appropriate, and to achieve this, a rigorous therapeutic program focused on achieving the goals is followed.

    2. Intervention with adolescents

    The transition from childhood to adulthood is a time of change and internal turmoil which can sometimes cause a lot of discomfort.

    In addition, it is a crucial moment in the formation of an adult and complex identity, so the work of prevention is particularly important, especially given the exposure to potential risks related to sexuality, addictions and addictions. ‘other behaviors.

    The hylé team is specialized in the management of psychological problems related to adolescence, not only derived from psychotherapeutic practice, but also in environments such as school.

    3. Training and education

    One of the vocations of hyle professionals is the dissemination of knowledge and common tools of research in psychology and therapeutic practice to the public interested in acquiring skills useful in their daily life.

    The training provided by this organization they can be addressed to other professionals in the sector as well as to the general public, or to specific groups and fields like schools, associations or companies.

    For a long time, hylé has provided tutoring services to trainees in psychology, as well as masters in clinical psychology, since some of the collaborators and members of their professional team, such as Alejandro García or Mònica Antequera, have a strong commitment to the teaching and scientific research in recognized universities such as the University of Barcelona or the UOC.

      4. Company

      In the business field, Hylé has the in-depth knowledge brought by Alejandro García’s 20 years of experience in IT consulting, which, combined with his training and psychotherapeutic practice, bring added value to meet the current challenges of mental health in the workplace.

      Hylé offers several programs to promote psychological well-being in the business world, as well as to improve relational and organizational dynamics in this perspective.

      In addition, in hyle are also specialists in the field of professional support or coaching, both individually and in groups, Having participated in training programs for professional reintegration.

      His collaborator Alexandra Reguera develops coaching projects for managers in the technology sector; she and Mònica Antequera have experience in identifying psychological aspects related to fitness for work.

      5. Coaching

      The coaching service offered by hylé not only focuses on the work aspect, but also covers the personal sphere, in which we support the person in the process of setting one’s own vital, satisfying and realistic goals, planning their achievement and achieving those goals.

      As such, Roser Figueroa is a certified Health Coach, which allows him to support those who consult him in a process of improving health habits without having to opt for a healthy life is an excessively complicated experience.

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