Hypnosis: reality or fraud?

Many people wonder if hypnosis is true or if it is, on the contrary, an invention. We have often seen it on television shows related to the phenomenon of hypnosis.

The media projector presents a kind of magician who in a few seconds is able to deeply calm another person, and in this state of unconsciousness, make him answer questions or obey the orders of the hypnotist, by performing actions that it would not perform in the standby state, or that it would not be able to perform.

Is hypnosis a scam?

Well, it should be clarified that hypnosis is very badl. It is a psychic phenomenon that can take place if the conditions are right. But, of course, hypnosis is not what the TV shows we mentioned earlier show. People who undergo hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and by a trained professional do not fall asleep, but close their eyes and relax their muscles, but stay wide awake, think freely, give their opinion on what you ask them. hypnotized at any time and stop obeying instructions.

Aware of this point, it is obvious to conclude that if the hypnotized person receives instructions that they would not like to do, they will simply not carry out them and may choose to open their eyes and end the session at that time- the. If we have seen that in the hypnosis shows of the volunteers they perform actions that they would not perform the day before, it is either because the context encourages them to let themselves be carried away by the experience towards such limits, either because, in effect, they pretend to be hypnotized. In the first case, they make it possible to shelter certain phenomena that are usually associated with hypnosis: hypersuggestion, selective amnesia, analgesia, over-focused attention

In short, hypnosis does exist and in fact there is a lot of scientific evidence and theories about its qualities in many universities around the world, but obviously you have to know how to distinguish between hypnosis and the version offered by hypnosis. cinema or television.

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