Is my son addicted to new technologies?

Addiction to new technologies is a very common problem among adolescents, And, if not treated appropriately, can cause many problems in young people.

New technologies are a way to provide and store information accessible to everyone, including our teenagers. The internet, smartphones, or video game consoles are clear examples of devices that can induce this behavioral addiction.

    What makes new technologies so attractive to young people?

    On the one hand, these new technologies allow us to access a lot of information at the time we want. We can be connected and know what’s going on all over the world with just one click. They keep us up to date with the click of a mouse.

    But they also allow us to work better, in a simpler way, because they save us a lot of time and a lot of effort.

    Another advantage of these tools is that they greatly facilitate communication. To talk to anyone, just dial a number on our cell phone, or send a social media tweet or message via Facebook. The possibilities offered by new technologies for communicating with other people are endless.

    And of course, they are also a form of entertainment. Just look at the new video game consoles, like the Playstation 5 or whatever. Not only do they have a huge catalog of games available in the market for them, but they also offer a myriad of options online.

    So what’s the deal with all of this?

    The advantages brought by new technologies are precisely those which can lead to the development of problematic behaviors for them.

    When we talk about an addiction to new technologies, we are applying the same conditions that apply to chemicals, redirecting us to those behaviors. Like this way, we will be faced with an addiction if it is shown for a prolonged period three of these elements that we recall below.

    1. Tolerance

    That implies that the person needs to use them more and more feel good. Basically it won’t peel off your phone or computer.

    2. Abstinence

    Abstinence causes discomfort when this behavior ceases to be common for a period of time. The person will not feel well and will experience various symptoms like restlessness, anxiety and may even become obsessed with them.

    3. It will be repeated behavior

    This is the case with people who go online with the excuse of checking their email and get lost on the net.

    4. Frustrated attempts and desires to stop doing this

    There are times when people addicted to new technologies realize that they spend a lot of time on these devices. Despite this, it is an impossible task to reduce the time in front of them.

    5. Its associated use makes you waste a lot of time

    This usually happens when the person, for example, continually and excessively searches for information to be fully informed about the best device to buy and why.

    6. They’ve completely put their lives aside

    It happens when devices and new technologies rule a person’s life. Maybe stop doing other things, like hanging out with friends or even being with family. Your world is your computer or your cell phone.

    7. The behavior persists over time

    It doesn’t matter what negative consequences this behavior generates. Still, he won’t be able to stop doing it, even if he wants to and tries.

      is that something we should be worried about?

      Addictions are always a matter of concern for the consequences they can have on the person who suffers from them. In principle, the use of new technologies should not be problematic, but in some cases it should.

      If your child loses control of their use for longer than expected and tells us they can’t stop, it’s time to see a professional for help. We must remember that freedom is something your child should never lose, and that with addiction it happens.

      If you detect the slightest hint that this may be happening, seek professional help as soon as possible to avoid major problems.

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