It is the psychological assistance for women undergoing fertility treatments

Fertility treatments for women are more than a biological process; it also contains a wide variety of psychological phenomena which are both cause and consequence of the measures taken to try to have a son or a daughter.

And it is that the mental health of the woman, as well as her emotional balance in general, are very relevant aspects to take into account at the gates of maternity. That’s why they exist today psychology professionals trained to offer psychological assistance to women involved in fertility treatments.

What does psychological assistance for women undergoing fertility treatment consist of?

This area of ​​intervention is included in perinatal psychology, which aims to help in the process that goes from the preparation of conception to the birth of the baby and the care and coexistence of it during the first weeks.

1. Stress management training

Excess stress is one of the most common forms of discomfort in women undergoing fertility treatment. Thus, one of the pillars of psychotherapy applied to this type of patient is to help him manage his daily stress, using various combined strategies: relaxation techniques, attention management exercises, psychoeducation, support in working out an adequate sleep schedule, etc.

2. Training in emotional management before the fear of infertility

The fear of a future in which one is not a mother can trigger worsening mental health, among other things, because the factor of the presence or absence of children in our plans for the future is usually a nuclear element in thissomething that gives shape to all the rest of the projects we aspire to.

In this sense, being in a situation in which it is possible that we will not have a baby is a blow and generates pessimistic thoughts about what will happen during the rest of our lives, so many women try not to be there. to think, that is to say adopt a strategy of avoidance in the face of this reality. And that is why it is important to learn how to manage the fear of this possible childless future.

3. Support for potential couple crises

Since couple relationships are based on a commitment to live together and, as we have already mentioned, motherhood is a central element in defining future plans, fertility problems often lead to couple crises. And before that, psychological help through sessions in pairs is very useful for establish open communication and resolve any conflicts that have arisen.

4. Support for hormonal changes related to fertility treatments

The medical procedures specific to fertility treatments can have a significant emotional impact, given that many hormones interact in unexpected ways with the neurons of the central nervous system. Therefore, psychological therapy can help adopt prevention and emotional regulation strategies in the face of these alterations.

5. Dealing with possible feelings of guilt

Infertility is a multi-causal problem, and some of these causes can have their roots in the past lifestyle of the woman undergoing treatment; for example, the habit of smoking, the decision to postpone motherhood without being aware of the risk of not being able to have children at that time, etc. It can feed a feeling of guilt which, in addition to harming the person’s mental health, leads to self-sabotage during treatment, he no longer believes in his chances of doing what is asked of him.

6. Psychotherapeutic help in building self-esteem

Another fundamental aspect of psychological assistance to women undergoing fertility treatments is to intervene in the face of the loss of self-esteem that often occurs due to problems with conception.

We must not forget that centuries of reinforcing gender roles through the dissemination of sexist ideas predispose women to see themselves through the prism of motherhood, as if its only value was the ability to have children and raise new generations of the family. Therefore, in therapy, women are helped to identify the problematic aspects of these degrading beliefs and to love themselves regardless of their fertility.

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