Live smart

We want our passage in this world to be a passage of pleasure and well-being.

For that, many people strive for satisfaction and happiness without knowing how and where to find it. They spend their lives wishing, trying, and fighting the tide to get what they want and it seems like no matter how hard they try, they can’t do it.

    The process of living smart

    Learn to live intelligently it is not something that is part of formal education in school, nor of informal education in the family.

    However, it is essential to be able to lead a life of well-being and pleasure. But … how does it feel to live a smart life? And what makes us experience that?

    An example: Carla’s story

    To illustrate what it’s like to live smart, I’m going to tell you Carla’s story.. She is single, 30 years old, she has worked in a company for 8 years, and although at the beginning the satisfaction of getting this job was enormous, she is not currently in the mood to get up to go to work. Morning. In addition, he spends most of his day working for his job, as he often works more than 10 hours a day.

    As for his personal life, he plans to get married. She loves her boyfriend Erick; however, she is not completely convinced that she wants to get married but for a long time her priority has been to start a family and she knows that Erick is the man with whom she wants to start a family. However, he is afraid of this new step, and it creates insecurity.

    One day, Carla felt the need to leave work sooner and she went to the park near her home. Here he sat down and began to reflect on his three decades, and many images came to him of what had happened in his life, many with happiness. Still, he realized that much of his life had been devoted to insecurity and working for a better future, but when it seemed like he had achieved his goal, he didn’t feel completely satisfied, and now that he’s about to get married ask yourself if this is really what you want to do.

    At this point, a 70 year old lady who was feeding the pigeons greets Carla and they start talking. The woman, named Lucía, tells her how much she appreciates these times when she goes to feed the pigeons. Carla is surprised to see this woman beaming with happiness and she finds it inconceivable that her happiness at the time was to be in a park feeding the birds.

    Lucia asks Carla: What makes you happy? Carla doesn’t understand how, but at that moment she feels confident to speak even though she is very reserved and doesn’t talk about her feelings and emotions to anyone, but at that moment she feels the need to express what she feels. And he tells Lucia that he doesn’t really know what makes him happy, that he’s been living in the car for months, and that he doesn’t really remember a stage in his adulthood where he felt. satisfied with his life. With a look of compassion, Lucia tells him that she understands. At this point, Carla does not explain why she feels great relief, and she experiences a feeling that comforts her.

    Lucia tells her she knows what she’s talking about she experienced something very similar. Lucia says to Carla:

    “My life hasn’t always been like this, I live it intensely, enjoying it and valuing it every day. I lived most of my years without finding the meaning of my life; I had my family. , my husband, my children, but financial worries pushed my husband and I to work day and night to make ends meet. I spent little time with my children, and when I was with them my fatigue and sometimes my despair were so tall that I easily lost my temper and ended up calling them, and they rarely saw me calm down, and I thought if we had enough money and time, our lives would be different.

    One day my husband arrived with the news that in the project he was working so hard on that he finally paid off, a very large company hired him. We feel great joy and celebrate this important moment, because finally the financial shortage was a thing of the past, and that was not all, I was able to stop working and devote myself entirely to my children. The taste lasted for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Again I started to be intolerant of my children, I had no intention of doing anything … The financial problems disappeared; time had it, but he didn’t know what to do with it, and all i was waiting for was for it to be dark so i could go to bed, found no meaning in life.

    My husband barely saw it, and when we were together the talks were repeated over and over again. Until the day I met a friend that I hadn’t seen for many years. We started talking about all those years we hadn’t seen each other and for the first time I expressed to someone everything I had in me and even I didn’t know until I told him. speak. I realized that life is not about what you have, but what you do with what you have. I apparently had everything I wanted, a loving husband, my children, and I also had the financial freedom that many dream of.

    She gave me some tips that have changed my life since then and I would love to share them with you, I know they will help you just like me. I learned that smart living not only makes life easier, but also allows us to fully enjoy it; It doesn’t mean that I don’t have difficult situations, but now I look more towards solutions and I don’t stay in trouble.

    Here are the tips I took from my friend:

    • Don’t regret what you don’t have, be grateful for what you have.
    • The most important person in your life is you if you want to get along with the people you love, value your life and take care of it.
    • Know your true passions, they will lead you to know your talents.
    • Learn something new every day, something that will make you a better person.
    • Forgive those who have consciously or unconsciously offended you, resentment is a very heavy burden and there is no reason to weigh it down.
    • Get what you need to sleep, eat a healthy diet, and participate in the physical activity you enjoy.

    • Take the time to relax, to meditate, to listen to music that encourages you; and if you like to dance or sing, do it.
    • Give yourself a chance to discover new places; you don’t have to travel long distances to discover beautiful places and fabulous people.
    • When difficulties arise, there are two ways, to give up and feel the victim of the circumstances or to trust that you are able to face them and become stronger.
    • If you don’t want to lose control of your life, let go of control of what you can’t control. “

    Carla was amazed at what she heard, and not just that, she felt as if something that was sleeping inside of her was waking up. Her gaze brightened, her posture changed; she felt different, it was as if most of the questions she had been asking herself lately were being answered.

    Without thinking, he hugged Lucia and walked home, with a feeling he had never felt. She felt confident and confident, and immediately wrote down Lucia’s advice in a notebook; he didn’t want to forget them and started to be a part of them every day.


      You may be going through difficult times and feel an affinity for situations similar to those Carla or Lucía went through at some point.

      You too can make a difference in your life. Don’t keep wasting your energy on what it doesn’t give you, use it wisely to live a quality life, which brings well-being.

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      I invite you to live smart, to make your life an experience full of fun, learning and appreciation.

      If you want to know more about how to live smart, I invite you to contact me.

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