Macrophilia: symptoms, causes and treatment

Humans have imagined a great variety of fantastic creatures throughout history, generally with the aim of trying to explain unclear or inexplicable aspects of reality through various narratives. These creatures are part of the mythology of different cultures and often possess powers that are far beyond us. Centaurs, furies, mermaids, fairies … and giants.

These latter creatures are often synonymous with power and strength, often surrounded by a halo of voracity, bestiality and horror. But for some people, giants and the behaviors attributed to them are also a source of fascination and even sexual gratification. We talk about people who are suffering paraphilia known as macrophilia or gigafilia, Which we will discuss below.

    Macrophilia: the attraction for giants

    This is called the sexual attraction of macrophilia by giants (regardless of their sex) or by the idea of ​​being able to be devoured or crushed by them. We are dealing with a type of sexual attraction related to fantastic beings that does not exist in real life, which makes this sexual preference generally limited to fantasy and onanism.

    It should be noted that having occasional fantasies of this type may be, although relatively rare (although pornographic sites report that content of this type enjoys some popularity), may be non-pathological and may serve as a fetish without further ado.

    However, it becomes a paraphilic type problem when sexual fixation by giants becomes the only stimulus capable of generating sexual arousal, it generates discomfort or becomes an element that limits a person’s life (For example, not being able to like relationships or occupy a high percentage of their thinking and behavior on a daily basis) over a period of at least six months.

    There are different preferences for this type of paraphilia, one of the most common being the fantasy that a normal-sized woman or man begins to grow taller by breaking their clothes, the room and / or the building they are in. find. Another of the most common fantasies concerns, as we have already said, the crushing or the idea of ​​being devoured: the idea that the giant in question proceeds to the destruction of the environment and crush or eat people it becomes sexually suggestive for these subjects.

    And it is that the type of interaction between the giant and the human in these fantasies can be very varied, from the maintenance of sexual relations with penetration (is it that of being receptor of the member of a giant man or that to penetrate the vagina / anus of a giant), oral contact or to be licked, chewed or swallowed by one of these beings (without needing sexual contact itself), masturbating in contact with any what part of your body from these beings, to be inundated by the sexual scent of these beings, to be crushed or manipulated like a toy …

    Fantasy too this may be related to the fact that the subject in question has been reduced to a tiny size while its object of desire retains its usual measures, being in reality the important perception of differences in size or power.

    Usually those who have this type of paraphilia are usually straight men (the object of desire are giant women), but there are also heterosexual women and macrophilic homosexual men whose attraction is not giants, as well as homosexual women the object of desire. they are giants. In fact, macrophilia it transcends sexual orientation itself, To be able of heterosexual or homosexual subjects to feel for us an attraction of the sex opposite to that of their preference by the fact of being giants.

    Virtually limited to fantasy

    Macrophilia is a very particular paraphilia, since the object of desire of people who feel this sexual attraction is nonexistent in reality. In this way, a person with macrophilia does not have the majority of the possibility of carrying out their sexual fantasies, simply fantasize about interacting with these beings and / or masturbation practices.

    As a rule, this fact is known to macrophiles and is not the product of a loss of sense of reality. This does not imply, however, that in some cases there may be a loss of contact with reality derived from substance use or a neurological or psychiatric disorder, but that would be a coincidence and not something defining. macrophilia itself.

    Cinema, the Internet and new technologies have also enabled people with this sexual preference to find very interesting content for themselves. There are even videos and photographs in which you play with perspective, optical effects, or image modification programs to make actors or actresses appear even larger than a building, or in which toys are used as shot to represent scenes of crushing or destruction.

    However, the truth is that some people tend to seek out sexual partners closest to their objects of desire, especially people of above average height and wingspan or rather higher than the subject itself. In this way, a person with this sexual inclination could seek a woman over two meters in height (who receives the name of Amazons), or men with gigantism in order to approach their erotic fantasy as much as possible.

      the causes

      As with other paraphilias, the exact mechanism by which this type of erotic tilt occurs is not known. However, there are different theories about this and it is even considered that it could have a lot to do with other sexual preferences such as those linking pleasure-pain pulses.

      In this sense, the basic idea of ​​macrophilia it has a lot to do with sadomasochism and the games of domination-submission: a giant is a force of nature before which he is insignificant, a raw power capable of destroying and before which there is only that of submitting or being destroyed.

      Thus, one possible explanation for this type of paraphilia relates to the need or desire to be in control and / or to lose control of the situation. This explanation seems to correlate with the fact that many of the people who fantasize about this type of object of desire are powerful people, responsible for large companies, dominant and competitive who may wish to reverse their usual role. In addition to this, there may also in some cases be links with dangerous, even criminal paraphilias, such as vorarefilia (sexual arousal derived from fantasy or the practice of acts of cannibalism).

      Another type of theory could be linked to the existence of childhood trauma derived from childhood sexual abuse or the presence of sadistic, restrictive and aggressive parents. In this case, the subject could end up normalizing and associating with sex these behaviors on the part of people who surpass him in strength and size, being able in some cases to develop sexual fantasies with beings capable of destroying them once already there. ‘adulthood.

      Finally, other authors consider that in the case of the sexual preference for giant women (whether they are male or female fantasies), there could be behind a sexual desire for empowered women, capable of dominating, d ‘crush and overcome traditional gender roles that viewed the female sex as inferior. and weak.

      Treatment of paraphilia

      Macrophilia, when we are not talking about a sporadic fantasy but a paraphilia that generates discomfort or dysfunction in the lives of those who have this type of erotic fantasy (or people with whom we have relationships), may require psychological and psychiatric intervention.

      By intervening, we must first assess the type of fantasies of the subject and the meaning given to them, what excites them and where he considers that the subject comes from. The existence of any traumatic or aversive experiences in the subject’s life which made him feel incapable or helpless, or which resulted in great inhibition of one’s own psyche and the need for excessive control of the situation can also be assessed.

      Based on this, they may need things like cognitive restructuring in order to modify possible dysfunctional beliefs such as the need to be in control or the idea of ​​being useless or the need to be trampled / destroyed / handle to maintain human contact.

      Emotion management training could also be positive for those people who are suffering from some kind of self-management problem, as well as working on self-esteem. If there is a traumatic event, it must be dealt with specifically on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the possible difficulties or limitations that this type of sexual attraction can arise in daily life must be worked on.

      Beyond that, aspects such as the search for the development of a positive link with respect to non-paraphilic stimuli can be worked on with techniques such as the reconditioning of masturbation, as well as the deserotization of the paraphilic stimulus.

      Of course, it should be noted that only in cases where these fantasies involve a major functional limitation or discomfort in the subject himself, we would speak of a paraphilia which might require treatment, the mere occasional and non-exclusive fantasy being one more sexual preference which should not be considered pathological.

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