Mensalus, getting closer to you

Do you already know one of the most important psychological firms in the national panorama? In case you still don’t know Mensalus is one of the largest private psychotherapy centers in Spain and has a group of professionals specializing in all types of fields.

Quality service is the result you need from this combination, especially in the difficult times we live in. Thus, neuropsychologists, child, adult and family psychologists, sexologists, speech therapists and addiction experts, among others, open the doors to their private consultations. Its purpose is to help you overcome the emotional issues that are hampering your vital development today.

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    Who makes up the Mensalus collective and what is its main objective?

    Mensalus is a psychological and psychiatric help center with more than 30 years of experience in the psychological health sector at the private level. Currently, more than 30 professionals are collaborating on this constantly growing project. Indeed, six new psychologists joined during the year 2020, which supports its expansion.

    Since its foundation, professionals who work at Mensalus have been responsible for improving the quality of life of all patients, as well as contributing to the training of future clinical health professionals by offering specialized studies.

    For all this, in essence, Mensalus has become a benchmark of clinical health in recent decades in Spain. His secret to getting there is that he stands out for his high level of commitment to his clients.

      Online therapy: exactly what you need right now

      Therapeutic sessions through the network arose out of a real need to approach the patientWhatever your situation. In times of pandemic, they take on a much more special meaning, as they allow a direct connection to be established between the therapist and the client despite the physical distance.

      In times of crisis when it is vital to provide the necessary assistance to people in difficulty, Mensalus wants to adapt to the present circumstances. This is why, more than ever, he offers this type of non-face-to-face service which is however distinguished by the same degree of quality and warmth in the treatment.

      In this way, online sessions are intended to perform customer follow-up via videoconference, After a first free contact for a pre-evaluation.

      Like face to face, these psychotherapeutic consultations make it possible to equip the beneficiaries with essential strategies and tools. They are useful for the effective treatment of emotional or physical symptoms of emotional origin.

      The truth is, enjoying therapy sessions in the comfort of your own home also has its benefits, don’t you think?

      Expand your professional future with Mensalus

      Another relevant factor about Mensalus that is worth mentioning is that offers a master’s degree in integrative psychotherapy.

      This is a diploma accredited by the University of Nebrija and also approved by the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia and by the Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy. So, for people who have a background in psychology and want to further their education in the area of ​​clinical practice, this can be a great place to start!

      The biggest advantage is that the character of this specialized course (lasting one year) is purely practical. It is therefore offered in a care center and not in a university. This way, students have the opportunity to do internships bringing real patients to soak up the work done in consultation. Thus, the theoretical contents are closely linked to the practical sessions: the objective is to make the learning as complete as possible.

      It is also crucial to note that the modality of mastery can be both face to face, online and even mixed depending on the situation and personal preferences of each student. The new edition will start on January 28th, so the flexibility of the course allows more and more people to have access to it.

      Additional online courses

      In addition to this postgraduate degree in Integrative Psychology, Mensalus offers you the opportunity to train in therapeutic techniques in this sector. You can do this through a short online course to best complement your professional training.

      The good news is that not all of the training offered by the center is aimed at professionals in psychology, as many experts from other sectors can benefit from the online training of other complementary courses.

      Coming soon Two interesting courses on emotional intelligence and conflict resolution strategies will be available online. Both can be of great service to you both personally and professionally, so they are suitable for any individual.

      In short …

      Mensalus is the clinical center that guarantees treatment tailored to your emotional symptoms according to the therapy model that best suits your interests.. Focused on providing the extraordinary service you deserve, empower you to decide what you really need.

      Growing up with Mensalus is possible on different levels, do you dare to give it a try?

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