Myths and Truths About Online Psychology

It is quite possible that we have heard that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic online psychological consultations increased by over 200%. This has led many to wonder, as the pandemic has progressed, whether it makes sense to go for online therapy or revert to face-to-face therapy, and it makes us wonder: Online Therapy So Effective And Beneficial To Deal With?

To answer this question, it should first be noted that It is increasingly common to seek psychological help (in person or online)., as well as attending physiotherapy sessions or medical appointments. So it makes a lot of sense that we are asking more questions about psychotherapy and, in particular, about one of its most common modalities today, online therapy.

Today there is still a lot of skepticism and a lot of doubt about the possibility of going to psychotherapy, because one can still see this kind of help as something strange or distant, which many doubt about its usefulness and effectiveness; all the more so if we talk about online therapy, which some are wary of.

    Know about online therapy and what it involves

    We will help to break the myths and raise what benefits that we can find in online psychologyeven in the face of face-to-face therapy. Knowing them will encourage you to seek psychological help through this modality, leaving aside any doubts or reservations you may have in choosing this type of therapy.

    1. Lack of travel

    To be able to carry out our session from our home, or even sometimes other places where one can feel comfortable, such as in a private room in the workplace, is one of the great advantages of online therapy. It even gives us the option of not having to stop going on a trip or vacation.

    Do not invest time in traveling to the consultation, probably allows you to have time for other daily needs. Many people do not have enough time for face-to-face therapy because of their work or caring for their children or other family members.

    But in addition to the lack of time, we must also talk about those who have difficulty getting around due to transport problems. We are talking about people who live far from the nearest psychologist, who do not have good communication channels or who have difficulties in physical mobility. That is why the online mode will be a great incentive for such people.

      2. Time flexibility

      The flexibility of schedules is certainly another advantage that we can find in online psychology as we can define our consultation schedule according to the therapist in a more flexible way avoiding travel.

      In this way, we will save time and we will not only be able to achieve the improvements that we are looking for in our psychological well-being, but we will also be able to choose the time that best suits our needs. This is very important because we will be able to better integrate therapy into our lives.

      It should be noted that in online therapy there is more flexibility and ease of appointment scheduling of therapy between therapist and patient, also because the professional himself can work more flexibly. This is a great advantage when choosing the online mode.

        3. Confidentiality

        One of the most common questions people ask about online therapy is whether or not confidentiality is guaranteed, or if our therapy can be exposed to the knowledge of others.

        There is no doubt that online therapy, like face-to-face therapy, offers complete confidentiality if the professional responsible for carrying it out respects all established professional rules and codes, this being a subject with which there is great sensitivity on the part of psychology professionals. This is why it is good to always ask the professional about this point, and we must keep in mind that we will be more secure if we keep the sessions through encrypted psychology platforms, like TherapyChat, through services like zoom or skype.

        It’s no secret that sometimes one of the doubts people face when receiving psychological help is confidentiality and sometimes Doubt about this confidentiality may lead to giving up receiving this assistance..

        That is why we must assess in detail the option of receiving therapy online if this bothers us particularly, because if the professional follows all the necessary measures, we can also guarantee that no one will see us entering a physical psychology consultation. , and we don’t have to worry about the “paper walls” effect.

          4. Proximity and warmth

          At the same time, we are faced with the question of whether performing the therapy online will be an obstacle to being close to the psychologist or whether there will be some coldness in the therapeutic relationship.

          In response, online therapy is not a problem in this area, as video call interaction involves the same level of communication between people that can be found in a face-to-face psychological consultation. And we can assume that professionals in psychology are experts in communication management.

          In this way, the difference will be found that instead of having a table between patient and therapist, we will find a screen, so in no case would there be any difficulty in terms of proximity and warmth with the professional.

            5. Immediacy in the face of emergencies

            Another point in favor of this type of therapy is that in the event of an emergency or unexpected difficulty, the patient you won’t have much trouble communicating the inconvenience to your therapist, thus ensuring that these problems can be mitigated or resolved as quickly, efficiently and precisely as possible.

            In this sense, contact can be more immediate and correct any difficulties that have arisen as quickly as possible, managing to remain anonymous and in total proximity between the patient and the therapist.

            Therefore, the good adaptation of new technologies to online therapy This will certainly be an advantage that we will find in this type of therapy over face to face therapy, where this type of help will not normally be as immediate as with online therapy, as it is not in the line. such a flexible context.

            6. Demonstrated effectiveness

            Perhaps the biggest question when it comes to online therapy is whether the effectiveness of this type of therapy is similar or less than that of face-to-face therapy. This questioning is to be expected when faced with a type of therapy that has a much shorter duration than face-to-face therapy. However, current results show that there is no difference in efficiency in the treatment of one therapy and another.

            Indeed, since the 1960s, telepsychology has been the subject of research, and the same effectiveness of online treatments has been tested as in face-to-face treatment, and even higher levels have been recorded in interviewing those. -this. improvements over time, as assured by David Mohr (doctoral candidate in clinical psychology and director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, who has devoted his career to research in this area).

            In the end, the main factor in terms of efficiency is the professional work of the therapist and the commitment of the patient. That is why if we find the right professional, with a high level of commitment on our part, we can only predict that online therapy will have a great prognosis for success.

            Thus, all doubts related to this area when opting for online therapy should in no way be a hindrance or should be a renunciation. to receive the help that everyone needs at a complex time in their lives.


            After highlighting all of these benefits within online therapy, we conclude that Knowing more about mental health and its benefits will help us become aware of how our mental health is., while this will help us make the decision to receive this type of help, being the online mode an option that will often make a lot of sense.

            Plus, educate yourself and learn more about mental health and the option of online therapy. it will help us to help the people who are close to us who may need psychological care and who, perhaps due to their own circumstances or difficulties, do not know or do not need guidance to seek such help.

            So, when faced with the doubts that may arise during online therapy, we must keep in mind that despite the doubts, there are many points in favor of making the decision, such as no travel, flexible working hours, confidentiality, proximity and warmth, immediacy in case of emergency and proven efficiency.

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            So, given the need to improve our mental health at a difficult time in our life, where for various reasons it may be difficult for us to go to a face to face consultation, online therapy will be a very useful tool both for us and for those around us. And do not hesitate, go to therapy, in any case, it is better not to go to any therapy.

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