Neurologist and musician design the perfect music to help you sleep

Insomnia problems are prevalent by Western countries, especially because of a busy pace of life with chaotic schedules and the omnipresence of screens placed in front of the eyes shortly before bedtime. However, the discomfort of having to go to the doctor to treat this problem often leads to the search for “patches” for instant sleep solutions.

Using melatonin is a very popular option for readjusting a proper sleep schedule, but it is possible that over time many other daily solutions will emerge that are effective. For example, the possibility of using music for better sleep is promising.

Pointing in that direction neuroscientist David Eagleman and British musician Max Richter they have designed a series of instrumental-type musical pieces to help you fall asleep while listening.

    A playlist created for better sleep

    The effects of music on the human brain have been documented in a wealth of research on the subject. For example, in some cases, it can be used to better resist pain, and also it has clear effects on the emotional state people and in their ability to recall certain memories.

    This is why the idea of ​​designing musical pieces specially designed to have effects on the brain facilitating the onset of sleep is not crazy. In fact, auditory information is capable of modifying the behavior of almost all brain structures, one of its first “stations” of which is the thalamus, a region of the brain responsible for disseminating information to all groups of neurons. . Which comes to him from the sense (less in the case of smell).

      The music of Ritcher and Eagleman

      In this case, these two experts worked in a coordinated manner to develop music whose ultimate goal is reduce heart rate and shifting the brain waves into a phase of extreme relaxation, which makes the onset of the sleep process much more likely.

      His creation was published in two different formats. The first is an hour-long CD that can be used to fall asleep, and the second is the full digital version, which it lasts 8 hours and is designed to ring even while sleeping, To keep us in a state of total disconnection.

      You can purchase this long version by clicking here, while the short version is available here. It is an original gift for someone who has trouble falling asleep, or you can also experience this music if insomnia is affecting you. However, it should be borne in mind that the most effective and guaranteed way to fight against sleep disorders is to go to the doctor and, from this first consultation, to start with intervention programs specialized in treatment of sleep disorders.

      Other ways to treat insomnia

      Besides using this kind of relaxing music, you can also enjoy other strategies and resources to enjoy restful sleep and check for insomnia.

      For example, meditation techniques practiced just before bed can help, as well as some environmental ASMR recordings. Likewise, something as simple as stay away from artificial light sources before going to bed helps a lot, as your brain will get used to the times of natural light. Likewise, going out for sunbathing during the day also helps keep your body clock running.

      On the other hand, it is not recommended to exercise at the approach of evening; you’d better practice it in the morning or at noon.

      The use of said melatonin can also help in some cases. One of its advantages is that it is a substance produced by the body, and therefore does not have an invasive effect on the body; it just increases the levels of a substance that we already have.

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