New technologies and mental health: breaking down the barriers of ignorance

That new technologies have revolutionized the world we live in is undeniable, And no one questions the fact that they bring a multitude of new tools across the board.

We are more connected, we share information consciously and unconsciously, and all of this information allows different people in different parts of the world to work on the same projects and collaborate so that knowledge is disseminated.

In the domain of healthMore specifically, this translates into international research and intervention projects, program ideas and forms of work that are imported from one field to another, and tools created to facilitate the dissemination of habits and practices. healthy knowledge to the population, and thousands of data that are used to try to better understand the real habits of people and to predict possible incidences (diseases, behaviors, etc.).

    Technological development as a potential for mental health

    Mental health is still taboo on many levels, and it is often difficult to enter areas of technology where privacy seems to be compromised. however, technology has a lot to do with mental health too, As in other areas of health.

    More and more professionals are taking the line to take advantage of the opportunities that technology offers us to improve mental health research, intervention and awareness. This was verified during the last IVth National Congress of Psychology, during which multiple articles and round tables were reserved around mobile applications, patient management and monitoring tools, intervention tools, analysis information using big data … Opening the door to new ways of working for mental health professionals.

    The Ibero-American Congress of Cyberpsychology

    In this context, and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the global connection, this year was held the I Latin American Congress of Cyberpsychology, In which professionals from different countries deal with psychology in the age of communication. Some of the topics covered were online therapy, internet-based interventions for the treatment of depression, the use of technology for the treatment of addictions, platforms for mental health professionals or emerging issues. arising from a “ digital society ”, among others.

    The main objective of the congress is to bring mental health professionals closer to the state of play in this still little-known field. The Congress took place from November 11 to 15 in streaming.

    Here we have already spoken several times about the PsicoReg psychological care center management tool. On the occasion of this Congress, on November 19 at 3:30 p.m., a workshop will take place during which this platform was presented in detail. We think the presentation is of great interest to psychologists reading us, much of it is available here:

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