Online Psychology For Women With Exhausted Woman Syndrome

Exhausted Woman Syndrome presents with exertion overload. It doesn’t come suddenly; the appearance of this exhaustion accumulates, causing it to gradually collapse causing the woman to collapse.

Over the years there have been several movements for gender equality; in this sense, the role of women has ceased to be limited to household chores. Women are no longer forced to work only as housewives. Today, women have a dual role and many other responsibilities, Having a job and working to earn money, continue to take care of household chores and if they are mothers further increases the responsibility towards the family.

Some women strive to complete their jobs, home jobs, and mothers to excellence, which can turn into a struggle that ends up causing burnout syndrome.

    What is Exhausted Woman Syndrome?

    Suffering from Exhausted or Minded Woman Syndrome is not a disease. This woman’s exhaustion syndrome it also has no biological cause that could affect the whole body and make it work irregularly.

    You could say that this syndrome that affects women does not come from something produced by the body, it is rather the reverse that occurs, what really affects a woman is everything that happens in her environment and how it relates to that. This is mainly a consequence of the modern cultural model, which forces women to be overwhelmingly tired for the time and effort they have to devote to their work, their homes and whether they are mothers of their children.

    the causes

    The main cause of this phenomenon is the tendency to recharge modern women with more activities than they just did housework at home as a housewife, washing, cooking, ironing, cleaning, etc., effectively take on the role of mother, wife and worker.

    In all the activities that many women do on a daily basis, there is a long list of tasks, such as taking the children to school (if they are a mother), remembering outstanding tasks, taking care of them, performing home chores. , reach the objectives, the schedules … in short, he lives a routine full of juggling always with signs of mental load. This is where the female exhaustion syndrome begins to take shape.

    this syndrome it arises as a result of the crossing of responsibilities. The woman is forced to take care of her house relentlessly by having the need to work in order to bring home money. As a result, it will affect a woman with a psychological problem, she will be exposed to a lack of self-image and self-esteem. We will therefore see here what is the contribution of online psychology to women so that they recognize their condition and offer solutions to adapt to their reality.

      How Online Psychology Can Help You

      The main thing to keep in mind is that the woman must admit that she suffers from this stress of accumulated exhaustion, And once recognized as suffering from a disorder, seek psychological help.

      Most women who suffer from burnout syndrome want to give the best of themselves in their job, at home, in their relationship and in all circumstances, being completely exhausted even spending time for themselves.

      Symptoms of exhausted woman syndrome

      These are the main symptoms of exhausted woman syndrome.

      • insomnia
      • frequent forgetfulness
      • Physical and mental fatigue
      • irritability

      The symptom that deserves more attention is not knowing how to ask or seek professional help with bad desire, just for the inconvenience of seeking outside help.

      The woman knows she’s overwhelmed in the efficiency required to carry out their daily activities and which should reduce the volume of responsibilities. She presents herself with exhaustion and blames herself at this very moment for not being able to everything, she feels that she cannot always be up to it.

      One of the contributions of online psychology is the start of a new restructuring of life. Thanks to him, the woman eliminates exhaustion and makes it clear that it could mean giving up certain activities. The feeling of extreme fatigue, overwhelming, will go away, and it will all happen gradually, slowly until it goes away.

      For psychologists, it is important to realize contact with your patient based on trust, security and commitment, With the aim of ensuring stability and providing solutions, which help you to resolve the situations that persist in your daily life.

      How is online therapy?

      The work done by an expert in psychology from an online mode offers the same efficiency as a face-to-face consultation. There will always be the important connection between the patient and the therapist, the level of commitment of the therapist to the treatment and the acceptance, the honesty and the stubbornness that the patient puts into it. Objectively, the process includes 4 steps:

      • Identification of the type of disorder.
      • Therapy plan.
      • Installation.
      • Followed.

      Online Psychology’s Contributions to Exhausted Woman Syndrome

      Among the significant contributions of online psychology to the treatment of Exhausted Woman Syndrome, we find the following benefits.

      1. Flexibility of consultation hours

      In this way it is offered to the patient the ability to make better use of your time to carry out their activities.

      2. No need to go to an office and be in a waiting room

      This contribution is excellent for helping the woman not to feel more pressure or overwhelm for a new activity that she will have to perform.

      3. Immediate attention

      In case of urgent care.

      4. Reliability to be able to express your feelings

      This can be done without being ashamed to show that she really does not have the absolute ease of carrying out all the activities imposed on a daily basis. It is very easy to express yourself with a psychologist online, it is like being in a conversation with a friend.

      5. The possibility of keeping in touch with your therapist so that you are in another city

      This avoids interruptions and improves ease when engaging with the partner.

      Tips to keep in mind

      these are some final recommendationsFor the woman to take heed and start to take control of her disorder from now on.

      • Not wanting to cover more than what you can donate.
      • Do one activity at a time.
      • Recognize its limitations and symptoms.
      • Go for therapy with a specialist and regain strength after exhaustion.
      • Spend time for fun and relaxing activities, shopping, swimming, going to the movies, having a glass of wine or just sleeping.
      • Learning to delegate functions at home can start at first for a few weeks, then on a daily basis.

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