Online psychotherapy in the coronavirus era

Many mental health experts warn that when the coronavirus’s most critical stage is over, it will happen. another epidemic: that of mental disorders.

Many of the anticipated consequences of quarantine and the associated social and physical distancing measures are in themselves key risk factors for mental health problems. These include alcohol abuse, technology addiction, and depression resulting from loneliness and broken relationships.

We are social beings by nature and we need physical and emotional contact to be able to function normally.

    The psychological impact of these times of pandemic and confinement

    In addition to the social stress caused by isolation, a large UK survey of the detained population revealed the cause of this new mental health epidemic: the enormous uncertainty that we will have to face.

    The survey showed the huge impact of widespread concerns arising from massive job loss and economic hardship on well-being, associated with anxiety, depression and social unrest.

    It is a priority for the population to be able to prepare internally to face the challenges to come, And psychology is a science that can provide many personal resources for this.

    What to do? Keys to develop in online therapy

    I present 3 resources which, in my experience, are keys and which can be developed in an online psychotherapy process.

    1. Mental training to obtain calm and lucidity

    Developing self-control and relaxation skills is essential for preventing stress and managing crisis situations more clearly. these abilities they can develop through mindfulness exercises and autogenic relaxation.

      2. Emotional intelligence and social skills

      The key to fighting social isolation is to develop good emotional management. Many times, instead of learning to resolve their relationship conflicts and deal with their emotions properly, people decide to ease the discomfort with drugs or mind-altering drugs for anxiety, causing these emotional issues to worsen.

      3. Self-knowledge

      If we want to make good decisions for our future and be able to adapt to new changes, we need to invest to better understand our own functioning. The mental state we find ourselves in today is the result of decisions and habits that we have repeated in the past.

      Does Online Psychotherapy Really Work?

      It is possible that we have made paying for a psychotherapy process not a priority at the moment and we have decided to save this money for other expenses deemed essential: food, clothing, entertainment.

      However, we miss it if we don’t invest in our well-being, we can’t benefit from any of the other things that we value so much in our visa: possessions, relationships and pleasant experiences.

      In mental health and medicine in general, there is a maxim that is unfortunately often forgotten. Investing in prevention is infinitely less expensive and more effective than investing in treatment. Waiting for the problem to get worse until it explodes in your face is not a smart solution.

      Usually, psychotherapy processes are usually carried out in person at the consultation of the psychologist. Before, however, this confinement, my experience of psychotherapy processes through digital platforms (Zoom, Skype) was already consolidated.

      At first there is a period of adaptation, and if the client is not very used to interacting through a screen, it can be a bit strange. However, after a few sessions, the situation usually normalizes and we almost feel as if we are physically present: this is the magic of the psychotherapeutic relationship.

      During childbirth I continued to treat patients who had never used the computer or the phone for something similar in online sessions and the results were very favorable.


      Humans have a characteristic adaptability, which is one of our characteristics. It is attitudes of resistance to change that usually slow down and leave us paralyzed. Either way, the digital age of telecommuting and screens is being imposed on us from the outside and very soon we will have it completely normalized in our lives.

      For more information on how to start an online psychotherapy process or to resolve any doubts in this regard, you can consult a professional psychologist through the Directory of Psychologists.

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