Online therapy in the face of escalating imprisonment

After the first impact we suffered as a society as a result of the VOCID-19 crisis, we are at a point where we are moving towards gradual de-escalation, phases, “new normal”, new emotional codes. the first contacts and meetings with family and friends …

But we are ready, as citizens, to resume our routines and responsibilities as we had designed them before the state of alarm?

This doubt is transmitted to us by many patients whom we have the privilege of supporting at this time from the team that forms the TAP Center. We express to them the need to continue building “today”, without anticipating “tomorrow” and without stopping at “yesterday”; part of our goal for them is to provide them with tools to deal with the uncertainty, fear, discomfort and anxiety that this crisis has created or has been heightened by.

    The usefulness of online therapy in the pandemic crisis

    Our therapy format is still exclusively online today, as we are strong advocates of progressive change tailored to the needs of our patients. We will return to a face-to-face format, but these nearly three months have allowed us to have more experimentation in telecare, online psychology or online therapy. During this time, we were able to assess with our patients the undeniable value of this formula.

    There are many benefits that we have found in the current volume of appointment practice online therapy that we have experienced:

    • It facilitates regularity between sessions
    • It meets the patient’s reduced mobility needs
    • He has more temporary agility
    • It has great flexibility over time
    • It takes place in an environment of security and protection
    • It has no geographical limitation
    • Direct benefit from the digital resources we currently have
    • greater privacy

    We suspect that this online format, for many professionals and for many patients, was an “aberration” in the actual intervention and counseling process. Ignorance leads us at many times to prejudge processes already to be labeled insufficient and negative, but now that as a society we have experimented with videoconferencing, videoconferencing, teleworking and online therapy, we have valued its functionality, testifying through experimentation that the format works, that it has of validity and reliability and that there is an improvement in our psychological state after each of the online sessions that have taken place in the open therapy processes.

    From the TAP Center, we will continue to rely on this intervention formula in our therapeutic processes, as well as in the online training actions that we have launched; we currently have three in this format: Emotional Management, Emotional Intelligence for Families, and Postpartum Emotional Support.

    We are preparing a wider training offer with this formula, we want to continue to bet on the quality of the training service now online. We know that there are many free offers on the net that can initially “satisfy” the need to learn what you consume, but we want to compete with this free with quality, rigor and professionalism, the team of professionals who forms the TAP Center are highly skilled offering an unparalleled learning experience.

    As the Community of Madrid progresses in the descaling phases, we will continue to combine our services in both formats., Both in person and online, we want to reach all the people who need us without limitations or geographic restrictions, mobility or sufficient time. You can access our contact details by accessing our professional profile here.

    Author: Patricia Gutiérrez Albaladejo. Psychologist Gral. Sanitary M-226,644.

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