Photo report: this is the TAP Center

The TAP Center was born in 2009 from the hand of its founders Patricia Gutiérrez Albaladejo and Patricia Sánchez Merino with the firm intention of supporting people to achieve their well-being goals. Professionalism, perseverance, analysis to identify needs and enthusiasm for the profession have allowed them to grow over these 10 years.

They have created a multidisciplinary team made up of psychologists, sexologists, psychiatrists and pedagogues, who supervise their intervention in scientifically guaranteed therapies, thus achieving a high quality in the service offered in each case. The individualization of each process is for the TAP Center one of the greatest guarantees of success.

    How does the TAP Center team work?

    The team is completed to meet all needs in a joint and coordinated manner that patients can present, thus facilitating the therapeutic intervention in an integral way and in a single environment.

    The main focus over the years in Madrid (and outside the community through its online therapies) has been build a guaranteed intervention methodology for their patients, Make the trust they place in the team rewarded with therapeutic successes. Its main function is to support its patients in the analysis of the difficulties and the therapeutic line to follow, and the incorporation of regulatory strategies, skills and competences for the resolution of their conflicts and tools of identification and active confrontation.

    As therapists, team members aim to provide the keys to a person’s overall improvement, make their patients the promoters of their own change, Which they will achieve thanks to the tools, resources and strategies acquired throughout the therapeutic process.

    At the TAP Center, they understand that psychology is key to achieving a comprehensive health concept, Since only in this way is facilitated the complete development of the human being and the adequate adaptation of this one to his different contexts of interaction and development. They use the most advanced techniques to achieve correct assessment, diagnosis, intervention and treatment taking into account the different difficulties presented by patients in consultation.

    As it is sometimes necessary to supplement the psychological intervention with pharmacological treatment, they have a psychiatrist on the team, With which they work in a coordinated manner, to guarantee the best results.

    Their services in the field of psychology aim to support development at all stages of people’s lives, which is why they work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and the elderly.

    Areas of psychological intervention

    For TAP Center, working with families and children is essential. A key element of his work is the field of pedagogyWhere the premise is that learning is not just about replicating or imitating, it is a process in which boys and girls build, creating from what has been learned. It is an innate capacity of the human being, and each of us is endowed with it; we just need to know how to use it correctly to get the desired results.

    In the case of boys and girls who have difficulty in school, they have techniques, strategies and resources to improve learning processes which will facilitate their development in the role of students.

    In addition, the TAP Center not only looks for an intervention when there is already a difficulty, but they also work from the prevention of psychological problems at later stages of development with a unique program that makes parents feel comfortable doing the best for their baby

    The same goes for the field of sexology, and its team of professionals specializing in individual and couple work, where they understand that there is no other way to work on sexuality than to accommodate all of them. sexualities, whatever the age, sex or orientation of sexuality. desire.

    The PAPMI® initiative

    The PAPMI® (P / Maternal Child Psychological Support Program®) is a complete care service for babies from 0 to 18 months which enhances their emotional development so that they grow up knowing how to relate to a secure grip.

    In addition, this program offers mothers and fathers support in parenting so that they can live this unique experience, with the keys to the proper care of babies in a period as sensitive as these first months of life.

    There is an important link between our relationships with our babies and the development of their emotional brains. The foundations of children’s relational skills are developed in the first relationships with the mother and / or the father. These experiences shape the architecture of the baby’s brain; This is why the TAP Center tells us that PAPMI® plays such an important role in the first 1000 days of its growth.

    Courses and training

    In addition, this team of professionals believes in the development of people based on experience and learning. This is why the TAP Center organizes training lines that they develop in their own center and in collaboration with other public and private entities.

    They develop a continuous training plan exclusively for the center throughout the year with workshops for the development of emotional intelligence for parents and children, Promote healthy self-esteem, develop communication skills and mindfulness.

    The team teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in psychology at different CAM universities. In addition, training is provided in companies, parent schools and schools, training for parents, students and teachers. For many years they have been a university internship center for the training of junior psychologists, and they also supervise the clinical intervention of these professionals who, although experienced, rely on their knowledge and experience.

    The task of raising awareness

    On the other hand, among its permanent objectives is the need to belong to the scientific community. For this reason, the TAP Center team actively participates in conferences and informative publications. In this way, his working philosophy becomes accessible to anyone who wishes to rely on his services.

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