Psychode Institute: this is how a growing psychology center works

The Psicode Institute for Psychology and Personal Development opened in 2006, And today has a presence in Madrid and Alicante.

In this photo report, we’ll see how it works in a growing psychological care organization.

How do you work at the Psychode Institute?

These are the defining characteristics of the Psychode Institute and the way it serves clients.

1. Teamwork

The main characteristic of this psychological assistance center is teamwork. All psychologists in this organization meet frequently to analyze cases and come up with ideas for the best treatment. Therefore, working with the patient is always outside the therapy session.

It is essential for the Psychode Institute that each case is followed anonymously by the team to guarantee the best results.

2. Constant training

Another key to success is that the team is in continuous training, all Psicode professionals perform training either inside the Institute or outside to continuously recycle their knowledge.

His working philosophy is “psychology is constantly evolving and the idea is to use the latest and most effective techniques to help patients”.

For all this, although each psychologist has his own way of being and of expressing himself, the working method is common. Each of the 16 psychologists who make up the team present a cognitive-behavioral training base and an approach focused on finding practical and rapid solutions for patients.

However, they also consider it important to supplement this cognitive-behavioral basis with other points of view, which is why they have master’s degrees and training in other areas such as EMDR, psychodrama, systemic therapy, mindfulness and other third generation therapies.

3. Specializations

Within the team, there are specialties. At Psychode, patients are referred to the expert in this area.

The area in which most Psychode professionals specialize is individual and couple therapy. Specifically, Psychode is a reference center in Spain for couples. In her team there are several people specialized in sex therapy, and with their experience they support in many couples treatments. On the other hand, the team also includes child and family psychologists.

Psychode a a psychological care unit that offers advice, counseling and intervention on different issues: Couples therapy, male and female sexual disorders, self-esteem issues, mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, addictions, impulse control disorders, school problems, lack of social skills, addiction emotional, insomnia, ADHD … Interventions are also carried out on gender-based violence and health disorders.

Being a large team, when there are case references, the prognosis improves, because communication between professionals is very direct.

in Psychode they also have a family mediation service to resolve conflicts (Divorce, child custody, common property, parental responsibilities, inheritances) and reach an agreement by negotiation.

4. The offer of courses and workshops

In terms of training, Psychode professionals different courses, seminars and workshops are given with theoretical and practical content. They attach great importance to training in specific skills and techniques, providing strategies to students and according to the needs of different groups.

Another of the strengths of the Psychode Institute is to train psychologists who are starting their careers. Prestigious universities rely on their teaching to train future professionals. It also collaborates with the Official College of Psychologists by providing training and case supervision to psychologists who come from other centers and who need support in their treatment. They give lectures and workshops in hospitals, schools …

5. Flexibility in psychotherapy

Therapeutic methodologies are of three types: face to face, by Skype and at home. There are a lot of people who cannot or do not want to make it to the face to face sessions because they live outside Spain or are public figures and do not want to be recognized in the waiting room.

For people who are public figures and wish to have their sessions face to face but do not want to be recognized, there is the possibility of using different inputs ensuring absolute confidentiality.

In addition, this team of professionals perform therapy in Spanish, English and German, and have a psychologist specializing in sign languageThis is why they serve the deaf population.


We can say that the star ingredient of Psicode is the professionalism of a team and the care of the patient. This user-friendly and detailed treatment is also visible in the center. its professionals they take care of every detail to make the patient feel comfortable. The place is decorated to make everyone feel at home, whether in the waiting room or in their therapy space. The center has no architectural barriers.

Currently in Psychode more than 4000 patients have been treated, And thanks to word of mouth from these people, the number continues to grow. Recently, Psicode opened a new headquarters in Alicante.

The Instituto Psicode is located at Calle Miquel Àngel, 7, 1 B in Madrid, and in the province of Alicante, located at Avenida de la Libertad, number 24.

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