Psychologists for the Deaf and the Importance of Inclusion

Sometimes it is generally taken for granted that integration of the hearing impaired in Spain towards society, it is now bigger than ever. But this is only partly true.

Towards more inclusive societies

The arrival of smartphones, tablets, in turn accompanied by social networks and messaging and video calling applications like Whatsapp, has contributed to better integration and communication of the deaf community, among its members and also with d ‘other members of society.

But when a deaf person crosses difficulties such as anxietyShe goes through stressful stages or is exposed to emotionally difficult situations, she can sometimes feel misunderstood or frustrated at not knowing where to turn.

It is true that in Spain today the deaf community is grouped into associations and federations like the Spanish Confederation of Deaf Families (FIAPAS), which defends the rights of these people, allows and facilitates contacts between them by promoting links between this sector of the population.

Although much remains to be done in terms of integrating the deaf community into everyday life, few hearing people are trained in their official sign language, let alone those who can help them in situations where the mind is sore. turns out to be a deciding factor.

Psychological assistance for the hearing impaired

The deaf community in Spain, according to official data taken from the National Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), numbers around more than one million people.

Despite the large number of hearing impaired people in our country, there are still many TV channels that do not have a simultaneous Spanish Sign Language (LSE) translator during prime time, opting for subtitles, which automatically translate sounds and do not reflect information. clearly.

Unfortunately, when a deaf person goes through a period of difficulty and cannot find it in others, The Support and Support You Need … Who Do You Go To? Where can they seek treatment from psychologists capable of truly understanding them and offering them alternatives?

Partly because of Spain’s non-inclusive education system years ago, many deaf people today cannot understand texts and even many cannot write. In fact, it can be noted that reading and writing problems of this community are generally very widespread and almost 90% of deaf people can be considered illiterate in oral language.

Psychologist for the deaf in Spain

Lack of trained psychology professionals being able to truly understand and guide deaf people who are struggling, or seeking to improve their performance in certain areas of their life, can be frustrating for a person with hearing loss.

As a center of psychology, in UPAD Psychology and Coaching we offer psychological intervention services to anyone with a hearing impairment, face to face or by video call, to make our offer as inclusive as possible. You can find us at Calle Rey Francisco nº 27, Madrid, and our contact details are available on this page.

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