Psychologists Majadahonda: psychotherapy that adapts to each patient

Psychologists Majadahonda is a center specializing in therapy which incorporates various orientations and techniques to deal with a wide range of psychological problems.

This psychology center is characterized by offering personalized treatment to each patient, taking into account their history, learning styles and current symptoms. To do this, he integrates currents with greater scientific evidence and cutting-edge techniques, providing his patients with quality treatment in a short period of time, providing them with tools to manage their problems.

Majadahonda psychologists: their therapeutic perspectives

The currents used by the psychologists of Majadahonda at its center are as follows.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

A scientifically validated process, Focused on solving the current problems of the person, the reasons that afflict him today and make him suffer. It works for measurable goals and teaches the patient a set of tools that help them manage and solve their problems.

humanist therapy

It is a type of person-centered therapy, in which it is established a totally symmetrical and collaborative relationship between therapist and patient.

In humanist therapy, absolute acceptance prevails: it is neither judged nor criticized, but everyone’s successes are recognized and means are sought to progressively improve other less developed areas.

Psychodynamic therapy

It is a therapy whereby emotional and behavioral causes are sought that cause the person to suffer from the current symptoms, to respond and to be able to overcome and resolve the crises of the present.

systemic therapy

It is an approach we use to resolve emotional crises and conflicts consider the individual not in isolation but as part of a systemUnderstand that an individual’s behavior depends on what he learns from the systems around him.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

In some cases the approach of choice is acceptance and engagement therapy, the goal is for the person to accept that trying to avoid and control thoughts, emotions and feelings that we find uncomfortable. or disagreeable is counterproductive, and it can apply different procedures. (different from those he has already done) to resolve his situation.

EMDR therapy

This method is recommended in the treatment of emotional difficulties caused by difficult experiences in the person’s life (Phobias, grief, trauma …).

We are working on the treatment of the person who, for different reasons, produces a psychological blockage causing symptoms such as anxiety, panic, pain, low self-esteem, etc.


Mindfulness-based therapy leads the patient to acquire a series of healthy habits that stimulate everyone’s personal strengths promote your well-being and help you connect with yourself.

It is a very powerful tool in the field of emotion management which produces very positive results in the short term. Particularly effective in the treatment of emotional disorders, poor academic performance, ADHD, anxiety disorders, stress at work, and low self-esteem.


We’ve all had the feeling that we thought something was wrong, but we weren’t sure exactly why. For example, the feeling of having a knot in the stomach or a plug in the throat.

Through the focus we learn to listen to these bodily sensations and we have discovered the personal meanings they contain, allowing us to better deal with what worries us or hinders us.

Psychology workshops and courses

Majadahonda psychologists also give workshops aimed at preventing mental health issues, social skills, assertiveness and emotional management workshops.

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