Psychotherapy in summer

The arrival of summer, good weather and holidays, as well as long days in the sun by the pool or the beach, are usually accompanied by an improvement in mood, because there is a disconnection with the work routine, more free time and the possibility of leaving for a few days or months in another place to disconnect, whether it is the beach, the mountains or the city.

Every year we see in the consultation that with the arrival of summer, absences from therapy sessions increase for different motivations, whether to progress or improve, for travel, to take care of children or for other circumstances.

However, there are risks in abandoning therapy without professional recommendation, such as a worsening of symptoms, especially at the end of summer, coinciding with the return from vacation and therefore the usual routine.

The Implications of Stopping Going to Psychotherapy During Summer Vacation

It has been observed that patients who leave treatment early, when their condition worsens, it is more difficult for them to resume treatmentthey therefore go to a consultation when the symptoms interfere significantly in their daily lives.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that when patients come to the consultation for the first time, they present difficulties or discomforts in their daily life, an aspect that improves as the therapy progresses. is progressing, but which is not resolved until the objectives are achieved. meet. This makes many people overestimate the improvement in a short time.since the difficulties are faced in a different way and the person visualizes the mechanisms at his disposal to overcome these obstacles, neglecting or minimizing other important aspects such as self-knowledge and the management of these traits that destabilize him, this which can cause the person to become maladjusted again.

When a decision is made to leave therapy for improvement, this should be taken into account and communicated to the therapist in order to assess areas that still need to be worked on and to ensure that the person stays and knows how to manage the various issues. which arise in the future, counting on the help of the professional in the moments when he needs it. If, on the contrary, the professional recommends the continuation of the treatment, the therapy can be adapted and even spaced out in time.

The option of online psychotherapy

On the other hand, when it is decided to interrupt the therapy due to the impossibility of assistance, as we mentioned previously, due to geographic mobility for a period of time or the taking into child care, it is possible to hold the sessions online.

Online therapy allows you to reduce the time needed to go to the psychologist, gives greater flexibility, since you can connect through your personal computer. Online therapy also maintains anonymity, since sessions are conducted through a secure platform to protect patient data.

As mentioned, it facilitates the continuation of treatment, since it can be done from anywhere. On the other hand, it does not affect the treatment, since its effectiveness is proven, except in the therapies which require materials which are only in consultation. However, new technologies allow the sending of files, questionnaires and forms to be completed, as well as the sending of recordings with relaxation techniques, Mindfulness, etc.

One of the big concerns of e-therapy is establishing the therapeutic connection. It has been empirically shown that online therapy does not affect the bond and different problems can be solved. In addition, online therapy can be combined with face-to-face therapy in cases where the person requests it or if the professional deems it appropriate.

On the other hand, once the therapeutic alliance has been created between the patient and the professional face to face, there is the possibility of continuing online. Finally, as we commented previously, this possibility is also offered to people who are going to move for a period of time, either on vacation or for business, with the aim of do not interrupt patient progress and achieve treatment goals.


If you are currently in psychotherapeutic treatment and you cannot continue it because you are not available to come to the clinic, do not hesitate to inquire about the online sessions, before giving up or postponing the sessions, the best option to advance the treatment is online therapy In addition, there is the possibility of alternating the two therapies with the aim of facilitating continuity between sessions, an important aspect in the evolution of the therapy .

From the Centro Blanca Esther Psicología we have the online psychotherapy service, if you are in a therapeutic process and you cannot attend the sessions or you want to start but do not find the time to go to the center, do not hesitate to contact us.

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