Recommendations for irregular sleep during childbirth

After being confined to their homes for more than 30 days, many people noticed that their usual sleep schedule had changed.

sometimes these inadequacies in the regular schedule are due to anxietyThe uncertainty and overwhelming emotions that are experienced, but it is also due to the fact of not having a work schedule to which we have to adapt.

    Irregular sleep during childbirth

    Not having high physical activity, as well as not maintaining the same level of mental activity during the day, means that at night we feel less tired. In addition to these factors most people who are at home do not have to adjust to work schedules, Except in cases of telework in which a fixed schedule is respected.

    All of these conditions favored to a greater or lesser extent that the general population was affected by its sleep pattern, whether in terms of reconciliation or maintenance.

    For this reason, it seems necessary to provide some recommendations for relieving irregular sleep.

    Sleep hygiene

    Before moving on to a few specific guidelines, it should be noted that it is important that we maintain good “sleep hygiene”. This refers to a series of habits and attitudes that help us maintain overall good quality of sleep. Among these habits, we must remember the following.

    1. Try to avoid stimulating drinks

    Avoid stimulating drinks, such as those containing caffeine, At least for six hours before bedtime.

    2. Avoid drinking alcohol in the early afternoon

    Failure to follow this rule can dramatically deteriorate the quality of your sleep.

    3. Also try to avoid smoking at night

    Although sometimes smokers think that smoking relaxes them, the truth is, it activates the body.

    4. Exercise during the day but not too late

    Don’t exercise for at least two hours before bedtime.

    5. Also try to avoid making a big and filling dinner

    Avoid foods with excessive refined oils, Simple sugars and carbohydrates. It is important that you also try to eat dinner at least about 2 hours before bedtime, and if it is earlier, the better.

    6. Try to maintain an environment conducive to sleep

    In other words, try to have it in your room a good temperature, little noise, lighting that facilitates sleep, etc.

      7. Only use the bed for sleeping and having sex.

      If you do other activities like reading, watching TV, talking, it will cost more to associate the bed with sleep and it will affect your sleep pattern.

      8. Do relaxation exercises

      The last hours before bedtime try to do relaxing activities that make it easier to sleep: Watch a movie that is not too exciting, read something nice, listen to soft music …

      9. Try to relate an activity to bedtime

      For example, sometimes we have some sort of “routine” before going to bed (brushing teeth, drinking water, reading a few pages from a book, etc.). If we always do the same activity right before bed, it can help us relate those activities to sleep, and our brains will associate the two things.

      behavioral guidelines

      When we can’t sleep what usually happens is we start to get nervous and self-observe over and over again. This in turn means that seeing that we are still unable to sleep increases the activation we already had when entering a loop, so it is even more difficult for us to fall asleep. To try to mitigate this, there is something called “stimulus control”. It consists of the following components.

      Try to go to bed at around the same time

      You should go to bed at the time you went to bed before childbirth.

      Go to bed and try to sleep, try not to watch yourself all the time

      Above all, do not use this moment to plan what you are going to do, worry …

      Take breaks

      If after about 20 minutes you still cannot sleep, get out of bed and look out of the bedroom.. Go to another room in the house and try to do some relaxing activity: watching TV, reading, etc. Something that doesn’t require a lot of activation.

      When you see the drowsiness come back, go back to bed

      When you get back to bed, try doing the same thing as in step 2. If you find that you are still not sleeping, you will need to go back to step 3. You will need to repeat this operation as many times as you want. necessary until you fall asleep.

      Keep the schedules

      Although I am not rested either tonight it is important that you try to lift when you did before. If, on the other hand, you keep sleeping until noon, we will continue with the same problem, we will delay sleep time at night and we still will not be able to sleep.

      Don’t take a nap

      Another important step is to try not to take an afternoon nap. We now have a lot of free time and many people are using this resource to make the time pass faster, however it does not benefit us at all when we try to get back to a normal sleep pattern.


      It is important to know that acquiring a regular sleep pattern does not take a few days. It takes time and perseverance. Also, as we said earlier, the circumstances we find ourselves in now prevent us from resuming our usual routine.

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