Santiago Cid Psychology Center: scientifically effective therapy

The Santiago Cid Psychology Center was born in 2012, founded by the psychologist who gave his name to the center.

The Cid was formed in recognized universities like the one of Padua, the one of Santiago de Chile, the Pontifical of Salamanca and the Complutense of Madrid. In the latter, he specialized in general health psychology and in particular in the treatment of anxiety and the main problems that arise from it such as hypochondria, social phobia, agoraphobia, as well as the disorder obsessive-compulsive (OCD).

Anxiety specialists

Although this psychology center covers different psychological issues, they are anxiety specialists.. When this problem arises without it being a situation in which the person must feel anxious or begin to condition their life, going to a specialist is important so that the problem does not become chronic.

Usually when you are suffering from anxiety there are very specific symptoms on a cognitive and physical level.

The most common are physical: sweating, palpitations, tachycardia, nausea or diarrhea, etc. Cognitively, there may be physical or mental irritability, lack of concentration or restlessness, among others.

In an anxiety disorder, it is normal for more than one of these symptoms to appear at the same time. Initiating cognitive behavioral therapy with experts in this field is essential to resolve the disorder as quickly as possible and resume normal daily activities.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Although it was born in the 1950s, it is currently one of the most effective psychological therapies.. It is based on dealing with problems from a here-and-now perspective. It is therapy focused on action and above all on the meaning given to things and how thoughts are processed. They also work with people who want to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

In cases where they are looking for phobias or fears, they work with exposure to situations or symptoms. In this way, by working gradually, we manage to lose the fear of what is bothering us.

Rigorous and patient-centered

If there is one thing that characterizes the Santiago Cid Center for Psychology, it is the rigor of its professionals and the treatments applied are based on evidence, because all the treatments applied are validated by the American Psychiatric Association, l WHO and the scientific community. The current applied by their professionals is Cognitive Behavioral, a therapy that has been shown to be empirically effective in a variety of psychological problems.

Phases of therapy

You can contact this center by phone or e-mail. During the first consultation offered free of charge by their professionals, contact is made with the patient and the professional to study the case, then, during the following sessions, a personalized treatment plan is established according to each case and each patient.

The diagram used in this center is as follows:

  • First: analysis of the reason for consultation to treat each patient the professional who specializes in this field.
  • Assessment of the reason for the consultation: Tools such as the clinical interview are used for this purpose.
  • Explanation of the problem by the specialist.
  • Treatment based on the needs of each patient, always with a scientifically validated method supported by results.
  • And finally relapse prevention is carried out.


The Santiago Cid Psychology Center deals with major psychological issues such as anxiety, depression or other mood disorders., Fear of flying, hypochondria or phobias.

Therapies usually have a weekly or fortnightly frequency, always agreed to by the psychologist and the patient, and their duration is approximately 55 minutes. You can check their rates on the site. There are also vouchers for which a special rate applies.

awareness task

One of the tasks performed by the psychologists at this center is to disseminate opinion pieces through their blog. Written in plain language, it addresses questions of great interest such as “The 7 Keys to Overcoming Agoraphobia”, “How to Overcome Emotional Depression” or “The Most Effective Types of Therapy”.

Outraged, its director Santiago Cid collaborates with various media in which he provides his opinion as an expert in psychology. He has collaborated several times on television in Antena 3 News, on La Sexta, TVE or in current affairs programs on Telemadrid. In the print media, she has collaborated with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Marie Claire, Today’s Woman supplement or PC Today magazine.


In his professional career, Santiago Cid has been recognized for his work as a clinical psychologist. In 2018, he received the gold medal for merit of work from the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC), also received several awards from different entities dedicated to the promotion of mental health.

Finally, you can see it in several listings on our website such as the best anxiety psychologists in Madrid and Spain.


The Santiago Cid Psychology Center is located at 108 Santa Engracia Street, On the side of José Abascal street in the Madrid district of Rius Roses, one of the most central in the capital. Its location in central Madrid makes it very easy to get there by metro (line 1 Rivers Roses and 7 Alonso Cano), as well as bus lines like EMT lines 3, 37 stop at the door. And 149 near the center are the new ministries which have a suburban connection.

Madrid is a very large city and a car is sometimes necessary for many people on the road. In this case, in the area that does not belong to the center of Madrid, you can park in the SER car park. In addition in the surrounding area there are two car parks in Ponzano street; one located at number 37 and another at number 85.

Why choose our psychology center?

If you still have doubts when starting psychological therapy, we give you some clues as to why he will go to the psychology center of Santiago Cid:

  • Rigor and scientific effectiveness of the treatments.
  • Exclusive treatments and personalized treatments.
  • Extensive experience and continuing education.
  • Location in central Madrid and facilities.
  • Professional recognition.
  • They collaborate with the main media.
  • First free session to start therapy.

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