Self-abuse and its relation to self-esteem

A high percentage of the world’s population is permanently independentEither based on the opinions of others or when things don’t go as planned and / or haven’t worked out.

This is accepted in our society because it is confused with self-demand and fulfillment, as well as the desire to overcome.

The difference lies in how we treat and evaluate ourselves based on the results of our actions, Or, the behavior and opinions of others.

    The tendency to self-abuse

    Self-esteem, self-respect, is the ability to love and value yourself, whether we are successful or not. It is about trusting ourselves and knowing how to forgive despite our mistakes, and do not doubt or mistreat the opinions of others.

    • Has it ever occurred to you that they express a negative opinion of you and not only believe it, but you crush it in this regard as well?
    • How do you feel when things don’t go as planned?
    • How do you compare yourself to others?
    • Do you feel worse or do you always do worse things than others?
    • Are you obsessed with not achieving what other people do?

    The key is in the way we deal with obstacles and in the way we talk to each other. By telling us “I failed” versus “I am a failure”.

    The self-abuse that we do when our self-esteem is failing us is successfully resolved through unconditional self-esteem. Also through our internal dialogue, because we become our worst enemies.

      What can be done?

      Apply appropriate therapeutic strategies and techniquesWe can get a person to change their aggressive and unfair judgments about themselves in order to have a full and healthy life.

      People constantly come to me with insecure self-esteem and intense self-abuse, which affects them by blocking their behavior and preventing them from enjoying all the good things that are happening in their life, hampering proper interpersonal relationships. .

      Why should you work on your self-esteem?

      these are the main reasons why it is important to seek professional help faced with such problems.

      • Be less afraid of failure, face problems, in the opinion of others.
      • To avoid being ashamed of yourself.
      • To handle your mistakes appropriately and correct them.
      • To be able to love others in a healthy way and to accept oneself without self-abuse.
      • While sometimes we can’t help feeling bad, we can keep that feeling from getting stuck and facing obstacles appropriately.

      Whatever your situation, the most important person in your life is you. I you can’t deliver the best version of yourself if you don’t accept it and you want yourself in a fair way. Subconsciously, you will treat others as you treat yourself, or in a distorted way based on the judgment and approval you expect from others, despising and punishing yourself excessively.

      It’s terrible to live with constant self-blame, or always on the defensive. Seek help and don’t be ashamed of it. Success isn’t always about getting it rightBut in our attitude to ourselves and life, and how we deal with problems. If you are looking for psychotherapeutic support, I invite you to contact me.

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