Sex therapy: what is it and what are its benefits

Psychologists specializing in sex therapy they treat daily patients who come to their consultations for different reasons: erectile dysfunction, lack of desire or arousal, difficulty reaching orgasm, premature ejaculation … These problems often do not only affect the person who suffers from them ., but also to his partner.

But talking about sexual issues can be difficult, in large part because people in this situation can feel ashamed, guilty, failed, and defeated both in life and in front of their partner. Fortunately, sex therapy can help overcome these problems, the suffering they cause and, in turn, improve well-being.

But …What does this form of therapy really involve? what are the advantages? In this article that we present to you today, we will tell you about the characteristics of this type of therapy and the reasons why it is advisable to undergo sex therapy.

    What is sex therapy?

    Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can help people who are having difficulty in their sex and dating lives because they have a sexual disorder or are uncomfortable with their physical intimacy. Sexual dysfunctions, gender identity issues, Paraphilias (exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc.), conflicts of sexual orientation and even problems related to sexual abuse, are some of the themes addressed in the psychotherapy sessions.

    Sexual disorders or limitations can be multicausal and there are many factors that can be involved in maintaining the problem. This is why professionals who work with sexual problems they deal with psychological or mixed causes (I.e. with psychological and organic elements), which often means that the intervention to resolve this type of difficulty requires multidisciplinary work, involving psychologists, gynecologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, among others . The therapeutic process can last from two to three months to several years, although the latter is rare.

    The impact of sexual problems on the couple

    Sex therapy it is often associated with couples therapyAs these types of issues can affect both members of the couple when they arise within the relationship. And it is that the intimate moments with the couple play a very important role in the unity and the stability of this one and influence the emotional health of its members.

    Sex causes both members to feel a unique connection, but when that fails, the foundations that underlie the emotional relationship can be destabilized. Sometimes the couple may attend psychotherapy sessions together when the problem is affecting them both.

      When to go to sex therapy

      According to recent research, around 20% of men are dissatisfied with their sex life and only 30% of women claim so. however, only a third of those affected seek psychological help although the benefits of sex therapy are more than proven.

      The most common reasons to go to sex therapy are:

      • Lack of sexual desire.
      • Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction) or ejaculation. early in the case of men.
      • Difficulty having an orgasm.
      • Pain during intercourse or inability to have penetrative sex.
      • Fear or aversion to sex.
      • Sexual assault or abuse.
      • Lack of sexual skills.
      • Sexual disinterest or problems related to the monotony of the couple.
      • Sex addiction.
      • Gender dysphoria.
      • Paraphilias.

      It should be noted that it is not essential to have serious problems to resort to this type of therapy, as sex therapy can also be useful in treating other problems. For example: to vary and enrich the couple’s erotic repertoire or to develop social skills in the area of ​​sexuality. At the start of sex therapy, each individual case is always carefully evaluated to determine the most appropriate treatment.

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        1. I never knew that a sex therapy session helps you figure out a treatment for sex-related issues such as voyeurism. I have a colleague who suspects that he’s totally addicted to doing sexual acts recently. I think it’s best that he visit a therapist for advice on what to do next.


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