Sexual abuse within the family

Today, the sexual abuse of children is becoming a scourge, with consequences for the victims. About 25% of girls experience some form of sexual abuse or assault before reaching adulthood, and among boys, the statistic is around 16%. These are very high values ​​that society often does not want to see or has a hard time associating with. However, both in books and in films and series are very covered subjects and I think that little by little we are starting to become aware of all of this.

But what costs more work to accept is that the vast majority of this sexual abuse occurs within the victim’s family, Which makes the trauma even more painful and difficult to overcome.

    Sexual abuse within the family

    In many cases, the people who abuse the child are a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a cousin, a family friend, people of course close to the child, who sometimes gain the trust of the child. the child for years, then manipulated by treating him like an object.

    The psychological harm suffered by the victim of sexual abuse by a loved one is terrible, as it not only has the consequences suffered by the victims of abuse by strangers, but also his trust is totally betrayed. Not only is there a misunderstanding of what happened, social isolation, a sense of stigma or branding, but it also creates a feeling that no one can be trusted and that no one will be able to offer their help in an authentic way. .

    In addition, sexual abuse within the family usually does not occur through a single isolated event that does not recur, but becomes a way of life that children can endure for years, with the incongruity that the person has. the abuser may be the only one fundamentally ignoring the victim at home, or it may be the same person who at the same time takes care of her when she is sick, feeds her, feeds her and continually tells her how much he wants her.

      The psychological consequences

      These are some of the consequences of sexual abuse:

      • Concentration problems.
      • Problems of integration into the peer group.
      • The terrors of a night and fears in general.
      • Serious self-esteem issues.
      • Depersonalization.

      • Anxiety attacks.
      • Depression.

      • Sexual problems.
      • Healthy binding issues with other people.
      • Eating disorders and body image perception problems and body rejection.
      • Addictive disorders: alcohol and drug use, gambling, kleptomania.
      • Self-harm.

      • Suicide attempts.
      • Impulse control problems.
      • Possible development of personality disorders, TLP type, avoidance disorder, emotional dependence disorder …
      • Serious difficulties in personal care.
      • Problems in relationships.
      • Irritability.
      • Problems reconciling sleep and severe nightmares.
      • Difficulty setting limits on others.
      • Great social isolation.

      Sequelae in adulthood

      In fact, I have highlighted some of the repercussions that sexual abuse can have on childhood, and even more so when it has been committed by a family member, obviously plus that family member. the family gets closer, the more it gets worse. This does not mean that all victims have these symptoms.But surely if a victim reads this article, she might be identified by more than one of these points.

      Moreover, the fact that this symptomatology begins during the processes of abuse does not mean that it stops when the abuse has subsided, not even when the person reaches adulthood. In fact, it gives rise to problems that creep in and usually get worse over time and create new trauma that the person accumulates.

      Still, all of this can be treated, but the problem must be resolved, as the symptomatology may be due to this and not to other causes that seem more superficial. Of course, it is everyone’s job to help, denounce and help heal the people back home who must have lived in fear.

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