Suicidal Twins: The Incredible Case of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson

The case of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson it’s one of those hard-to-understand stories. So those of us who know the story ask, “How is it possible that two twin sisters decide to kill each other at the same time?” How can two parents suffer from the same madness together?

The terrible case was recorded by the BBC

But this terrible story not only draws attention to the fact that two sisters wanted to commit suicide together, something unusual, but his suicide attempt was recorded on a British BBC broadcast. But there is more, because a few days later, in the midst of a psychotic outbreak, one of the sisters was able to murder an innocent man.

If you do not yet know the story, and before continuing to read this text, we invite you to watch the video below, so that you can see this shocking case with your own eyes. We have cautioned you that the footage is harsh, so if you are an extremely sensitive person we recommend that you do not watch this recording.

The strange behavior of the two sisters

This amazing story you just saw, starring Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, took place on the M6 ​​motorway in the UK and it had an audience of 7 million viewers on the day it aired on TV.

Apparently, officers arrived in the area alerted because there were two women behaving very strangely on the road. When the cops tried to talk to them, they behaved very aggressively. They had in mind to kill themselves, and no one was going to avoid it.

In a rush of officers, Ursula managed to throw herself under the wheels of a truck traveling at 60 miles per hour, and which seemed to swallow and then expel her lifeless body. Shortly after, Sabina took advantage of an officers’ roadblock to kill herself and was hit hard by a car. They are both lying on the floor and look unconscious.

The sisters survived the suicide attempt

To the surprise of those present and spectators, neither Ursula nor Sabina achieved their goal. Although the first one ended with several fractures, Sabina came out of the incident completely unscathed. In fact, he tried to fend off the agents by shouting, “You want to steal our organs. You are not real.” Over the minutes, Sabina improved and stood up to face the authority officers, so she was arrested and handcuffed.

Sabina’s murder

But what happened on that fateful day was not enough for Sabina, but, hours later, when she was released, she became the author of the tragic death of a man innocent who crossed his path, Glenn Hollinshead.

The murder took place because two men helped Sabina as she wandered the streets looking for the hospital where her sister was staying. Glenn next to a friend was walking his dog, and alerted to Sabina’s odd behavior, they approached her. Despite everything that had happened, she was friendly and asked them for a place to sleep. They offered him shelter, so he went with them.

Once at Glenn’s house, his strange behavior continued and, as a result of his delusions, he stabbed Glenn Hollinshead to death. Sabina she was sentenced to five years in prison.

A case of Madness for Two, the shared psychotic disorder

The twin sisters suffered from a shared psychotic disorder or Madness for Two, which does not happen very often. It is characterized because two or more people share symptoms of a psychotic disorder, usually delusions.

Both were suffering from symptoms of a paranoid disorder because they thought there were people who were against it. For example, in the case of the police, when they tried to help both of them, they both believed they wanted to steal their organs.

Another case of twins trying to kill themselves

In 2010, two 29-year-old Australian sisters who practiced shooting in Denver (Colorado, USA) agreed to commit suicide together. To do this, they decided to shoot each other in the head at once. After the shooting, one of the two survived, but the other was killed.

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