Telepsychology in the Age of Coronaviruses

At this time of your forties, it is easy for psychological disorders to arise due to anxiety, in addition to other serious stress related difficulties. And this is not surprising, because the current situation is absolutely extraordinary and has succeeded in destabilizing the entire current political, economic and social landscape, as well as its members.

In addition, a new circumstance appears in this unexpected crisis. Psychologists must work from home to care for people who need it, As it is now more than ever necessary for their work because of all the psychological disorders that are unfolding exponentially.

On the other hand, the doctors, who always collaborate with the psychologist in the management of stress in humans, put out the biggest fire in history and can barely witness the psychosomatic crisis resulting from VOCID-19, that of psycho problems. -psychiatric, is no longer a problem for a few, but covers a large part of the population which suffers the impact of a multitude of consequences in relation to this forced stop.

    Thanks to technological advances, psychotherapy is developing

    This is the good news: technology allows everything in psychology to continue to develop with a certain normality even if you have few digital resources and talent.

    With a mobile phone, many psychologists can be consulted as a client or patient, thus being able to enjoy all the benefits of psychotherapy as if they were attending a face-to-face consultation with a professional.

    More than ever, the person is encouraged to be able to choose a professional regardless of the physical distance and you can opt for a much closer expert no matter what country you are in.

    What exactly is online therapy?

    Online therapy is remote psychological intervention by videoconference with the support of any other technological resource which facilitates communication and enables the work of the psychologist thus helping the patient-client to resolve conflicts and / or dysfunctional emotions.

    The reasons why a person chose psychology online, until recently, were mainly because they did not have a specialist in their area, because they traveled frequently, because they had rigid schedules or because she wanted the privacy and discretion of her home.

    In this new era, the only possibility is online psychology to deal with psychological problems avoid the risk of infection and follow government guidelines.

    In addition, psychological disorders have skyrocketed, currently registering a record incidence of anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias and hypochondria, as major diagnoses.

    Differential characteristics to be taken into account

    Many people are currently choosing online therapy and especially in this quarantine season where it is the only option.

    The advantages of online psychology are many, because you can interview a psychologist from almost anywhere in the world, From your home or workplace, and with more privacy and discretion.

    It is true that it is still a modality that generates a lot of mistrust or some doubts because of the physical distance of the professional, the quality of the relationship to be established, the myth according to which physical proximity is necessary to help, and of mistrust of. some people in digital methods.

    However, telepsychology has become a good option for receiving psychological care; these weeks represent a new and powerful revival of this modality which already started its development in the year 2000.

    Is it as effective as face to face therapy?

    The most common question that arises among people in need of psychological care is the level of effectiveness and validity of this modality and whether online psychology equates to face-to-face psychotherapy.

    The answer is yes, it has the same validity and the same quality, because the only thing that differentiates them is the communication channel. In addition, the American Psychiatric Association concludes that the two types of interventions are equivalent.

    Another common question that we find is whether the use of digital tools can interfere with the therapeutic alliance between patient and psychologist. The answer is no, the communication channel is the only change in the relationship between the two people who make up this collaboration and the work of the psychologist is exactly the same.

    According to the most recent meta-analysis studies that make comparisons between the results of the two modalities, the scientific validity of online treatments is equivalent to face-to-face both in terms of results and robustness in the implementation of the treatment. therapeutic alliance.

    The variables that guarantee the results have to do with the same factors that appear in face-to-face psychology and one of the most relevant has to do with the professional training of the psychologist or psychologist specializing in psychotherapy, his experience and skills in telepsychologyThat is, in the online mode, it has some additional features to take into account, such as the management of communication channels.

    What do I need to do an online session?

    The client or patient needs simple conditions to access an online consultation and they are as follows; connection to a stable internet network, a device with a camera and a microphone that can be a smartphone, tablet or laptop or desktop computer and by e-mail to receive appointment reminders and if necessary exchange documents , reports or invoices.

    The psychologist or psychology center must also have certain conditions, such as a secure platform that protects the confidentiality of the client and ensures the protection of his data, as well as have training in this type of treatment which allows you to be more efficient.

    The only downside is for people who don’t know the internet. It should be noted that this difficulty is perfectly solvable, because it is simply a question of familiarizing yourself with the new situation.

    Online psychotherapy also has an advantage the marked reduction in the transport and time costs of each person performing the therapy.

    Online psychotherapies are ideal for adults doing one-on-one sessions, and in couples therapy, they are recommended in combination with face-to-face sessions; they are not specially indicated for children or adolescents under 16, although in the current case where there is no other option, this is configured as better than no treatment. However, the collaboration of parents or a loved one can always be requested for the consultation with the child or young person.

    In severe pathology, this is not the recommended therapy of first choice, but in adverse circumstances where there is no alternative, it is always much better than not having it.

    It is important to point out that online psychology is the therapy of choice for people with specific phobias, Especially those who suffer from agoraphobia and are afraid to leave home and travel or stay in open spaces. It is also very useful for people who are suffering from depression or who are diagnosed with eating disorders, as well as for any type of addiction, and for all people who have a chronic illness and cannot move.

    Professional intrusion is a problem to consider

    With the current need for psychological services, people emerge who identify themselves as psychologists or clinical psychologists and who do not have the aforementioned diploma. This has led schools of psychologists to be alerted to identify these possible violations and thus ensure the safety of people in a situation of vulnerability that need the help of a trained professional.

    It is possible to prevent these situations by selecting a psychologist from a network of recognized health professionals who offer guarantees or by ensuring that the selected psychologist has all his references so as not to be exposed to the above, it is therefore necessary that the person who contracts have all the guarantees and requirements to practice your profession.

    Are you interested in starting therapy online?

    If you are looking for professional support in these times of confinement, I invite you to contact me.

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